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The top places to fall in love with Greece

Capital of Greece


1,773 properties in Athens

Welcome to Athens

With the Acropolis as the jewel in the archaeological crown of Athens, this city is full of history whilst embracing the future. Take a stroll back in time through the neoclassical streets of the Plaka, where you will find tavernas serving tantalising souvlaki and mousaka, street vendors and live entertainment.

What travellers love about Athens

  • History

    36,256 recommendations

  • Ancient landmarks

    33,108 recommendations

  • Museums

    31,590 recommendations

  • Culture

    29,294 recommendations


271 properties in Thessaloníki

Welcome to Thessaloníki

Situated in the region of Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece and a precious cultural centre. Built near the sea, this modern metropolis used to be the crossroads between east and west, and houses some of the most amazing Byzantine and Ottoman monuments.

What travellers love about Thessaloníki

  • Food

    11,557 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    9,186 recommendations

  • Shopping

    9,152 recommendations

  • History

    8,192 recommendations


229 properties in Fira

What travellers love about Fira

  • Scenery

    8,897 recommendations

  • Sunsets

    8,522 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    5,233 recommendations

  • Food

    4,924 recommendations

4Mýkonos City

296 properties in Mýkonos City

What travellers love about Mýkonos City

  • Beaches

    7,116 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    6,371 recommendations

  • Food

    4,125 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    4,050 recommendations

Best places to see in Greece

Monastiraki Flea Market
Shopping areas
OK, think of a flea market. Now take away the market, and definitely take away the fleas. On most days these streets are lined with souvenir shops selling all manner of memento, but for the real-deal show up on Sunday. You'll see tables strewn with trinkets ranging from the regular to outright bizarre, plus plenty of matia - tiny blue baubles that ward off the 'evil eye'.
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Church of Agios Dimitrios
After the Great Fire of 1917, it took thirty years to rebuild this distinctive white-and-red brick church. Yet, there were two silver linings amid the destruction. Go inside to witness the early 7th-century Byzantine mosaic panels that were found during renovations. Then descend the stairs behind the altar to view the rediscovered crypt of Dimitrios, Thessaloníki’s patron saint.
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Rotunda and Arch of Galerius
This double act has held court here since the 4th century. Built as a mausoleum to Roman emperor Galerius, the Rotunda’s also served as a mosque and a church. Duck inside to gaze up at the Byzantine gold-mosaic ceiling that depicts the Second Coming of Christ. Then mosey down to the half-crumbling Arch, where locals meet day and night for lunch dates or drinks.
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Thessaloníki Archaeological Museum
This museum holds historic treasures of the ancient Macedonia region made famous by Alexander the Great. Dig into collections that cover everything from Greek gods to Roman rulers – see the 2,000-year-old marble statues of cherubic Harpocrates and imperious Augustus. Then there’s the Derveni Krater, a hefty bronze wine jug from the royal court of Alexander himself.
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Museum of Byzantine Culture
Thessaloníki was the Byzantine Empire’s second city for 300 years. This museum celebrates the rich cultural history of that time. Visit the Early Christian room that uses period columns, capitals and arches to recreate a 5th-century basilica. Then proceed to the Roman dining room that was excavated in recent years – its wall paintings and mosaic floor are remarkably well kept.
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Lycabettus Hill
See that hill that looks like an ice cream with whipped cream on top? That’s Lycabettus Hill, known for its stunning panoramic views, sloped walking trails and a teeny-weeny coffee shop with comfortable sofas. For those less inclined to walking up, ascend from the comfort of a funicular. You might see a wedding party at the Chapel of St. George if you’re in luck.
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What travellers love about Greece

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