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The top places to fall in love with Hungary

Capital of Hungary


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Welcome to Budapest

With a dome reminiscent of Brunelleschi’s "The Duomo" in Florence, the Hungarian parliament building is undoubtedly the icon of Budapest. It sits majestically by the Danube, the river that both divides and unifies the 2 parts of this capital city: Buda and Pest.

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Best places to see in Hungary

Heroes' Square
The threads of past and present are tied in Heroes’ Square. Its stern statues of chieftains, kings and lionhearts once presided over political demonstrations and displays of Communist might. These days, those same bronze figures look down on pop concerts, street fairs and celebrations. For an art history lesson, duck into the Hall of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts.
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Great Market Hall
Shopping areas
Around the world in 180 cuisines. This three-level marketplace is a go-to for gourmet food, as well as basic staples. You’ll spot pensioners buying bananas, students breaking bread, and busy mums buying kitchenalia. Beat the masses to a pitch-perfect pot of piquant paprika, or walk around and graze on street-style food. We guarantee that you’ll be busy all morning.
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Buda Castle
It wasn’t that long ago that Buda Castle virtually lay in ruins. Oh, how times have changed. Built and rebuilt countless times over nine centuries, this massive medieval complex holds a legacy of archives, museums, galleries and governmental buildings. A major highlight is the Hungarian National Gallery – start there, then traverse the well-kept grounds.
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Dohány Street Synagogue
This twin-turreted synagogue is an icon of Jewish resilience. It’s dimly lit day and night, where slivers of light reveal its arabesque arches, Stars of David and gusts of incense. It was built in the mid 19th-century, and fell into disrepair during communist rule. Estee Lauder and actor Tony Curtis famously bandied the funds to restore the synagogue to its former glory.
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St. Stephen's Basilica
Hungary’s most grandiose church is impossible to miss. Its steeples soar in the skyline and it’s visible from virtually every point in the centre. While many visitors while away the hours staring at its vast, resplendent gold interior, there’s one unique claim-to-fame. It holds the mummified right hand of King Stephen, Hungary’s first monarch – which is said to perform miracles.
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Chain Bridge
A marvel from any angle. This bridge is a vital piece of Budapest’s cityscape that links Buda with Pest. But it was born of tragedy. In 1820, a Hungarian aristocrat missed his father’s funeral due to freezing weather, then vowed to build a bridge across the Danube. This is it. See the bridge that unified a city in its full glory from the top of Castle Hill.
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What travellers love about Hungary

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