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Budapest bewitches every visitor. Houdini’s hometown is a Rubik’s cube of grand-scale monuments and unfading beauty that holds you captive. A gentle soul emanates from within this city built on imperial strength, and people engage in a high-stakes hustle to claim their own piece of happiness.

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  • Vīns

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  • Vecpilsēta

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  • Pastaiga pa pilsētu

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  • Pludmales

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  • Atpūšanās

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  • Naktsdzīve

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  • Izklaide

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376 naktsmītnes galamērķī Hevīza

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  • Karstavoti

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  • Atpūšanās

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  • Ārstnieciskie spa

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  • Klusums

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Labākās vietas, ko apskatīt Ungārijā

State Opera House
Designed and built in Neo-Renaissance style according to the plans of Miklos Ybl. Ferenc Erkel conducted the inaugural concert in 1884.
Naktsmītnes apskates objekta State Opera House tuvumā
Hungarian National Museum
Magyar art and History
Naktsmītnes apskates objekta Hungarian National Museum tuvumā
Matthias Church
Memoriāli vai vēstures pieminekļi
It is an excellent look-out place. The flood-lit row of bastions offer a panoramic view from the other bank of the Danube. The cityscape opening up from here has been part of UNESCO's World Heritage since 1988.
Naktsmītnes apskates objekta Matthias Church tuvumā
St. Stephen's Basilica
Memoriāli vai vēstures pieminekļi
In the Basilica's chapel of Saint Leopold one will find the so-called "Holy Right Hand", the right hand of St. Stephen, first king and founder of Hungary. Every year, on the 20th of August, thousands of believers take part in a procession accompanying the relic celebrating the festival of the St. Stephen. A beautiful panorama of Budapest is visible from the observation area of the 96-meter high dome. From this view from above, one can see the bridges across the Danube, the castle, the city's forest and the green spot of Margaret Island - a sight which truly compensates for the climb-up.
Naktsmītnes apskates objekta St. Stephen's Basilica tuvumā
Heroes' Square
Memoriāli vai vēstures pieminekļi
One of most beautiful and greatest Ornamental Square led into Heroes' Square. In the center the archangel of Gabriel figure stands on a high column and on its support are the statues of Árpád and the other six Hungarian Chieftains. Behind the main group of statues there is a semicircular, ornamental Colonnade with the pantheon of Hungarian history, kings and other great historical figures.
Naktsmītnes apskates objekta Heroes' Square tuvumā

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