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The top places to fall in love with Indonesia


1,599 properties in Ubud

Welcome to Ubud

If you are seeking a hideaway from Bali’s chaotic Kuta, Ubud provides a welcome respite with its secluded paths, calming temples and specialised spa resorts. Surrounded by rice paddies, coconut trees and lush forests of green, Ubud is seen as the cultural centre of Bali.

What travellers love about Ubud

  • Culture

    17,531 recommendations

  • Nature

    14,704 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    14,681 recommendations

  • Food

    13,278 recommendations


461 properties in Kuta

Welcome to Kuta

One of the first Bali resorts, Kuta has a long, sandy beach and great nightlife - reasons why it’s one of Indonesia’s top tourist spots.

What travellers love about Kuta

  • Shopping

    12,936 recommendations

  • Beaches

    12,424 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    10,623 recommendations

  • Surfing

    9,936 recommendations


1,257 properties in Seminyak

Welcome to Seminyak

North of busy Kuta and Legian on Indonesia’s fabled island of Bali are the idyllic beaches in Seminyak and nearby Petitenget Beach. The once densely green jungle canopy of this area has been replaced by luxury spa resorts, villas and clubs, but it still retains a peaceful charm.

What travellers love about Seminyak

  • Restaurants

    11,611 recommendations

  • Shopping

    11,563 recommendations

  • Food

    10,216 recommendations

  • Beaches

    9,713 recommendations

Capital of Indonesia


1,057 properties in Jakarta

Welcome to Jakarta

Indonesia’s capital, sprawling Jakarta has hurtled into the 21st century at a startling rate. Rapidly expanding, it is an eclectic mix of cultures with an electric clubbing scene including the EX at Plaza Indonesia mall and those near Blok M mall, popular with expats. Jakarta shopping is great, with modern malls all over, interspersed with traditional markets, some underground.

What travellers love about Jakarta

  • Shopping

    5,830 recommendations

  • Food

    3,155 recommendations

  • Shopping for clothes

    2,809 recommendations

  • Friendly locals

    2,517 recommendations

Best places to see in Indonesia

Kuta Art Market
Shopping areas
Indonesia’s the kind of place that you need to come with a half-empty suitcase. With a rich tradition in woodwork and batik, you can tick off your souvenir shopping in one fell swoop at this market. Statuettes of deities, hand-woven wicker baskets and miniature wooden surfboards all vie for a place in your homeward luggage. Just make sure your haggling skills are up to it!
Accommodation near Kuta Art Market
Bebek Bengil
Peckish? Wing it down to Bebek Bengil, purveyor of the finest crispy duck in town! This much-loved restaurant is an Ubud institution. It’s best enjoyed at a “pondok”, a private pagoda-shaded table overlooking the rice fields. The star dish is “bebek tutu”, smoked duck wrapped in betel leaves which you need to order a day in advance. “Nafsu makan yang baik” (bon appétit)!
Accommodation near Bebek Bengil
Kuta Square
Shopping areas
Surf’s up! Or at least, it will be once you’ve visited Kuta Square. This arcade is lined with surf shops where you can pick up the baddest, raddest surfwear. Even if you have no intention of getting in the water, why not just rock the surfer look anyway? Racks of far-out T-shirts and baggy shorts will do the trick nicely. Take your pick from Quiksilver, Rip Curl and more.
Accommodation near Kuta Square
Bali Mall Galleria
Shopping areas
Fancy an air-conditioned shopping experience, away from Kuta’s sticky climate? Galeria’s sure to keep you fresh as you browse for bargains. At this shopping centre, you can both feel and look cool – it’s jam-packed with fashion outlets, and the Duty Free Shop next door peddles high-end threads. There’s even a dentist, where you get a million-dollar smile… for a small fee.
Accommodation near Bali Mall Galleria
Ubud Market
Popular areas
Fancy yourself as a master haggler? This market’s chock-full of countless bargains. Rainbow-hued silks, jangling jewellery, hand-woven baskets, hibiscus-wood statuettes of snarling deities… it’s all here. Your only limit is your airline’s luggage allowance! Be prepared for a battle of wits with the shopkeepers, who come primed with years of bartering experience.
Accommodation near Ubud Market
Sunda Kelapa Port
A port of pickled pepper. This harbour was once a vital cog in the Dutch Empire’s money-making machinery. Wooden ships laden with peppercorns cast off from these jetties, on their way to convert spices into cash in Amsterdam. These days, it exudes a faded charm. Lonely schooners with peeling paintwork bob lazily in the docks, and fishermen heave their writhing catch onto shore.
Accommodation near Sunda Kelapa Port

What travellers love about Indonesia

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