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The top places to fall in love with India


1,154 properties in Bangalore

What travellers love about Bangalore

  • Shopping

    2,324 recommendations

  • Food

    2,022 recommendations

  • Business

    1,841 recommendations

  • Shopping for clothes

    1,569 recommendations


806 properties in Chennai

What travellers love about Chennai

  • Vegetarian cuisine

    1,419 recommendations

  • Shopping

    1,370 recommendations

  • Temples

    1,239 recommendations

  • Food

    1,214 recommendations


550 properties in Hyderabad

What travellers love about Hyderabad

  • Food

    1,934 recommendations

  • History

    1,329 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    1,234 recommendations

  • Shopping

    1,228 recommendations


841 properties in Jaipur

What travellers love about Jaipur

  • Sightseeing

    4,392 recommendations

  • History

    4,143 recommendations

  • Monuments

    3,864 recommendations

  • Culture

    3,729 recommendations

Best places to see in India

Nizamuddin Dargah
Thousands gather here daily to worship. Wedged between bustling markets and street-food stalls, this mausoleum contains the tomb of celebrated Sufi Saint Nizamuddin Auliya. Many come to tie red threads to the screens to wish for good luck, but there’s also another treat on Thursday nights – a concert of “qawwali” music, a Sufi style popularised by singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
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India Gate
Paris has the “Arc de Triomphe”. New Delhi has this – a massive arch that stands in tribute to India’s war-fallen. It commemorates the 70,000 Indian soldiers who died fighting for the British Army during WWI. Although it’s surrounded by parks, it’s best seen at night. The floodlights bathe the arch in preternatural light, a dramatic sight against the evening sky.
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Jantar Mantar
Moghul rulers had an insatiable thirst for astronomy. This classical observatory was built in the early 1700’s, commissioned by Sawai Jai Singh II, the Maharaja of Jaipur. Its thirteen sculptures are actually early scientific experiments, designed to measure the passing of time, the length of days and movement of stars. Take half an hour to investigate them for yourself.
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Red Fort
History in vivid colour. Four hundred years ago, the fort was a tapestry of burnt crimson and white, typical of the late Mughal style. This was favoured palette of Emperor Shah Jahan, who commissioned the fort as his primary residence and to blockade against invaders. Painted a fiery red during the British Raj, it’s famed for its gateways, palace buildings and sublime sunsets.
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Whatever your religious inclination, this lavish temple will inspire a sense of wellbeing. The statues and religious tableaux inside are dedicated to Lord Krishna. His followers walk the path to enlightenment as laid out in the Srimad Bhagvad Gita. The best time to visit is during “aarti”, when devotees sing melodious chants and dance to a euphonious rhythm.
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Purana Qila (old fort)
Timeworn, but a survivor. These red sandstone fortifications were built over five hundred years ago, during the reign of Sher Shah Suri. See the incredible blend of materials that went into creating the Qila-e-Kuhna Masjid Mosque, one of the highlights among the arches, domes and temples inside. Its melange of peppery reds and yellows are a sight to behold, especially at dusk.
Accommodation near Purana Qila (old fort)

What travellers love about India

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