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Beirut, conocida como "el París de Oriente Medio", se encuentra en la costa del Mediterráneo y está flanqueada por el monte Líbano. La capital del Líbano fue prácticamente destruida durante la guerra civil pero, gracias a la reconstrucción de la mayor parte de la ciudad, hoy en día tanto sus habitantes como los viajeros que la visitan pueden disfrutar del ambiente animado de esta increíble ciudad.

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Lugares que no te puedes perder en Líbano

Pigeon Rock, Rawcheh
Lugares de interés
The Rawcheh has always been a tourist attraction. Its renown rock landmark Pigeon Rocks attracts visitors from all over the world. Along the Rawcheh coastline are many restaurants and coffee shops that are always crowded with local and foreign visitors seeking fun and entertainment. At night, Rawsheh creates a mood of its own and offers something for everyone.
Alojamiento cerca de Pigeon Rock, Rawcheh
Casino du Liban
Located on the heights of Maameltein, overlooking the magnificent bay of Jounieh, 22km north Beirut, Casino du Liban continues to symbolize the excellence of oriental hospitality, with the ambition to offer the best of an era. One of the most prestigious casinos in the Middle East.
Alojamiento cerca de Casino du Liban
Wadi Qadisha & The Cedars
The Qadisha valley is one of the most important early Christian monastic settlements in the world. Its monasteries, many of which are of a great age, stand in dramatic positions in a rugged landscape. Nearby are the remains of the great forest of cedars of Lebanon, highly prized in antiquity for the construction of great religious buildings.
Alojamiento cerca de Wadi Qadisha & The Cedars
Byblos Archeological Site
Lugares de interés
Ruins of Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Crusaders. Classified as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
Alojamiento cerca de Byblos Archeological Site
Martyr's Square Downtown
Zonas de interés
It is the heart of the downtown district of Beirut, Lebanon (see Beirut Central District). Its central statue commemorates Lebanese nationalists who were hanged during World War I by the Ottomans. Rescue excavations in 1996 on the Martyrs Square, in the city centre of Beirut, uncovered two Hellenistic layers, three of the Roman and Early Byzantine times and later Medieval pottery kilns and gardens of Fakhr-ed-Din.
Alojamiento cerca de Martyr's Square Downtown
ABC Shopping Mall
Zonas comerciales
Shopping Mall in Ashrafieh
Alojamiento cerca de ABC Shopping Mall

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