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The top places to fall in love with Latvia

Capital of Latvia


791 properties in Rīga

Welcome to Rīga

Situated on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the River Daugava, Riga is a major cultural city with stunning architecture, large parks and fascinating traditions.

What travellers love about Rīga

  • Old Town

    31,158 recommendations

  • Architecture

    20,749 recommendations

  • City walks

    20,255 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    16,572 recommendations


260 properties in Jūrmala

What travellers love about Jūrmala

  • Seaside

    4,457 recommendations

  • Clean air

    4,118 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    3,786 recommendations

  • Beaches

    3,605 recommendations


237 properties in Ventspils

What travellers love about Ventspils

  • Seaside

    2,192 recommendations

  • Beaches

    2,180 recommendations

  • Family friendly trips

    2,119 recommendations

  • Parks

    2,105 recommendations


188 properties in Liepāja

What travellers love about Liepāja

  • Seaside

    2,306 recommendations

  • Beaches

    2,164 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    1,831 recommendations

  • Beach walks

    1,561 recommendations

Best places to see in Latvia

Daugava Promenade
Riga’s lucky to be on the water, and even luckier to have the Daugava Promenade. Enjoyed by many a summer stroller, it’s also lovely on crisp winter days. Nearby Central Market’s the place to accrue picnic supplies before hunkering down near the river and dabbling in Latvian local food. Watch as exercise-junkies zip by as part of their daily running regiment.
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National Library of Latvia
Built to resemble the Hill of Glass from a famous Latvian play about cultural freedom, this library is a modern addition to the city. Also called, “The Castle of Light,” the building is chock-full of metaphorical symbolism. In Latvian lore, the castle of light symbolises the ability of wisdom to rise above darkness caused by war and occupation.
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Latvian National Opera
Dress to impress at the Latvian National Opera. Heralded as one of the world’s most prestigious opera houses, this handsome neo-classical building’s exclusive air is just as magnificent on the inside. Debuting in 1919, just after Latvian independence, the company represents a significant piece of Riga’s history. Choose your performance poison - be it ballet or opera.
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St. Peter's Church
Riga’s cityscape wouldn’t be the same without St. Peter’s iconic spire. The most famous cockerel in Riga has been perched on the top as a weather vane since 1690. Climb the observation tower for urban panoramas. After you’ve descended, check out the church hall, where rotating art exhibits turn the space into a veritable culture house.
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Latvian Ethnographic Museum
Brandish your farming tools and brush up on your foraging skills – this is one of Europe’s largest open-air museums. Stroll through reconstructed farmsteads to see how the lives, tools and daily items of long-ago fisherman, craftsmen and farmers looked. Nestled next to Jugla Lake, winter at the museum marks the perfect time to try your hand at ice-fishing, sledging or skiing.
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Riga Dome Cathedral
Perched at the edge of Dome Square, this ornate Lutheran cathedral’s a sight to behold. Venture inside for architectural wonderment (its history spans many centuries). Or do as locals do and take up your position on a café terrace in the square instead. Cuba Café’s the beloved pub for many a Rigan and provides a great ground-level view. Cheers to that!
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What travellers love about Latvia

Old Town
Recommended by 34,342 travellers
City walks
Recommended by 25,086 travellers
Recommended by 24,032 travellers

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