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The Top Places to Fall in Love With Morocco


1,799 properties in Marrakesh

Welcome to Marrakesh

Situated in the northwest African nation of Morocco, Marrakesh is a stunning labyrinth of colorful markets with traditional goods and exotic aromas. Wander around the vibrant alleyways and meet snake charmers, acrobats, and musicians.

What Travelers Love About Marrakesh

  • Souks

    23,765 recommendations

  • Culture

    22,107 recommendations

  • Markets

    19,855 recommendations

  • Food

    18,944 recommendations


303 properties in Casablanca

Welcome to Casablanca

Right on the Atlantic Ocean, the cosmopolitan Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, although Rabat is the political capital. This colorful city features lively traditional markets and narrow streets full of spices and aromas.

What Travelers Love About Casablanca

  • Shopping

    1,574 recommendations

  • City Trips

    1,457 recommendations

  • Restaurants

    1,448 recommendations

  • City Walks

    1,446 recommendations


359 properties in Fez

What Travelers Love About Fez

  • Old Town

    7,553 recommendations

  • Culture

    6,316 recommendations

  • History

    6,314 recommendations

  • Souks

    4,042 recommendations


247 properties in Essaouira

What Travelers Love About Essaouira

  • Beaches

    4,802 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    4,193 recommendations

  • Harbors

    3,766 recommendations

  • Old Town

    3,117 recommendations

Best places to see in Morocco

Agdal Gardens
Groovy groves. Agdal Gardens is a vast horde of fruit trees boxed into square plots, irrigated by melt-water that flows straight from the Atlas Mountains. Oranges and pomegranates, lemons, figs and apricots – Agdal’s one fruity garden. In the middle of it all sits Dar El-Hana, a colonnaded pavilion beside a once-pristine pool that exudes a tumble-down charm.
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Menara Gardens
In this most photogenic of cities, Menara Gardens are supremely postcard-worthy. The snowy crags of the Atlas Mountains loom in the background, sweeping across the hazy horizon. Nestled among olive groves, a placid expanse of lake reflects the simple pavilion. It’s a centuries-old panorama that’s loved by locals – Menara’s the go-to strolling spot for families and lovebirds alike.
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Medersa Ben Youssef
Now this is one cool school. Medersa Ben Youssef is an architectural diamond hidden in the rough of mazy Medina. It’s an Islamic college where pious clever clogs once came to study the Koran. These lucky scholars were able to look up from their manuscripts and see a physical glorification of God, with spellbinding patterns wrought in tiny mosaic tiles and carved cedar wood.
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Kowtow in Koutoubia! This mosque’s handsome minaret has dominated the Marrakech skyline for over nine hundred years. From this soaring vantage point, the “adhan” (call to prayer) echoes across Djemaa El Fna Square and calls believers in to kneel and reflect. Due to entrance rules, non-Muslims will have to be content with gawping at Marrakech’s iconic spire from the outside.
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Djemaa El Fna
The eye of the Marrakech storm. From dawn to dusk and beyond, this historic square is a swirling whirlpool of humanity. Snake charmers and fortune tellers, wise men, mad men, magicians, musicians and mystics – all members of the fast-flowing dramatis personae of Djemaa el Fna. Take a deep breath, dive in and see which characters you encounter. One thing it won’t be is boring.
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El Badi Palace
From sultans to storks. When this palace was built in the 16th century, it was the envy of rulers worldwide. Bursting with carved marble and gold leaf, it lived up to its name of “The Incomparable”. But the ravages of time have left a shell, albeit an eerily magnificent one. The thick, scarlet walls are riddled with crumbling pockmarks, with storks the only modern-day watchmen.
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What travelers love about Morocco

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