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The top places to fall in love with Netherlands

Capital of Netherlands


1,942 properties in Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam

Jump on your city bike or hop on a canal boat and admire Amsterdam, the Venice of the North! The beautiful city houses, romantic bridges, iconic canals and street cafés create its unique atmosphere and give you an ultimate taste of its fascinating past.

What travellers love about Amsterdam

  • Museums

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  • City walks

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  • Sightseeing

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  • Architecture

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162 properties in Rotterdam

Welcome to Rotterdam

Boasting Europe's biggest port, Rotterdam mixes typical old canals with 21st century architecture. Home to a multicultural society due to it's international trade, this city also houses important cultural institutions like the Erasmus University and the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Including bustling terraces and exotic restaurants, Rotterdam resembles a global bazaar!

What travellers love about Rotterdam

  • Architecture

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  • Harbours

    10,776 recommendations

  • Shopping

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  • Food

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59 properties in Eindhoven

Welcome to Eindhoven

A bustling small city, Eindhoven is the ‘Capital of Dutch Design’ and home to the Design Academy. It houses a renowned technical university, and is a European technological hub that makes it shine with modern buildings and venues. The 5th-largest city in the Netherlands has also become popular for the fast-growing Eindhoven Airport.

What travellers love about Eindhoven

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  • Food

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  • Nightlife

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4The Hague

158 properties in The Hague

Welcome to The Hague

Located in the Netherlands, The Hague is the capital city in the province of South Holland. This beautiful city is home for the Dutch government and parliament, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, and the Council of State.

What travellers love about The Hague

  • Museums

    7,783 recommendations

  • Shopping

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  • Beaches

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  • Culture

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Best places to see in Netherlands

This huge fairy-tale castle is a diamond in the city's landscape. This recently renovated museum contains important artworks like Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ and Vermeer’s ‘Milkmaid’. It also houses a huge collection of elaborate baroque furniture and religious accoutrements from East and West. Usually packed with tourists, it’s best to arrive early to avoid the queues.
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The Euromast watches over the city from 185 metres up. Make your way to the tippity top and visit the restaurant for brunch, dinner or high tea made from sustainable ingredients, at reasonable prices. For a memory you won’t soon forget, base jump or abseil back down to earth! Whether you gawk up from below or look down from above, don’t miss this iconic Dutch edifice.
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This is the only late-Gothic building to survive the air raids that rained down on Rotterdam during WWII. The church's architecture and design stands out in starklrelief to the modernity that surrounds it. Nowadays, the medieval edifice is a major supporter of local cultural events. Stop in and you might just stumble upon a free concert or performance.
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Port of Rotterdam
Europe’s biggest harbour is an integral part of the city’s history and identity. A tour on a Spido boat is a great way to see all the wonders of the harbour. Or, use the network of paths to explore the port by foot or bike. Info stands packed with facts and figures dot the port. And if you keep your eyes and ears open you’re likely to see some cool wildlife.
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Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Boijmans van Beuningen museum offers more than even the most enthusiastic art lover can take in in 1 day! So, put aside a whole day and have a look at the programme beforehand to make sure you catch famous pieces like Dali’s “The Face of War". Be ready when inspiration strikes!
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Dam Square
Dam Square is at the heart of Amsterdam and where history and modernity collide. The neoclassical Royal Palace is open to the public, and it’s worth venturing in to see the magnificent foyer and historical rooms of the Royal Family's ceremonial home. The New Church hosts year-round special exhibitions, while Kalverstraat and De Bijenkorf are magnets for shopaholics.
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What travellers love about Netherlands

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