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The top places to fall in love with Portugal

Capital of Portugal


4,100 properties in Lisbon

Welcome to Lisbon

Facing the Tagus River and built on seven hills, charming Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. It offers unique tram rides, intimate Fado performances, great dining venues and much more.

What travellers love about Lisbon

  • City walks

    62,785 recommendations

  • Old Town

    62,453 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    59,018 recommendations

  • Food

    55,150 recommendations


1,915 properties in Porto

Welcome to Porto

Whether it’s wandering down a cute alleyway, past an impressive church or through the predominantly granite Avenida dos Aliados downtown, the hilly cityscape of Porto is impressively diverse. Overlooking the Douro River estuary, this merchant city features colourful homes; industrial bridges and the affluent river bank of Foz do Douro.

What travellers love about Porto

  • Old Town

    44,596 recommendations

  • City walks

    41,323 recommendations

  • Wine

    34,943 recommendations

  • Food

    34,485 recommendations


1,139 properties in Albufeira

Welcome to Albufeira

One of the best Algarve resorts, Albufeira has wonderful beaches, turquoise waters and the dramatic, rocky coastline that makes this part of Portugal so special.

What travellers love about Albufeira

  • Beaches

    18,395 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    12,072 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    10,030 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    9,876 recommendations


568 properties in Lagos

Welcome to Lagos

With a long and rich history, Lagos is nowadays a famous beach resort of the sunny Portuguese region of Algarve. Including wide sandy beaches and quiet coves enclosed by ochre cliffs, it also offers a lively city centre with one of the best mixes between history and modernity in the region.

What travellers love about Lagos

  • Beaches

    10,269 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    7,143 recommendations

  • Scenery

    6,429 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    5,746 recommendations

Best places to see in Portugal

Belem Tower
Have you ever seen a military building with such an emphasis on beauty? Belem Tower was built as a defensive fortress, surrounded by the waters of the Tagus. But this is a real work of art. There are bulbous Moorish turrets on each corner, crenulations carefully carved with the Portuguese crest and a Venetian loggia that’s more Canaletto than cannonballs. An impressive hybrid.
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Pau da Bandeira Belvedere
Popular areas
Wind-formation is power. A cross-shaped mast stands on this cliff-top like a nautical crucifix. It used to signal wind direction to fishermen out at sea. Though the fishermen are all but gone, the mast remains as a reminder of the town’s fishy roots. Today, the viewpoint is popular with locals, who come to sit on benches or nab the best views of Albufeira’s firework displays.
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Nossa Senhora da Orada Hermitage
“The face that launch’d a thousand ships”. Well, maybe not quite that many. Every August, this convent is the scene of a centuries-old ritual. The statue of Our Lady of Orada is carried out of the convent and paraded through the streets, before a fleet of fishing boats chaperone her on a route out to sea. The home-spun pageantry of this flotilla is quite a sight.
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St. George's Castle
Bar the gate! As your tram rattles up impossibly narrow streets to St George’s Castle, picture the mediaeval mayhem in 1147 when Afonso I’s forces breached the ramparts. Nowadays, it’s an altogether more placid place where peacocks rule the roost, roaming through pine trees or perching on battlements. Like the kings of old, marvel at this bird’s-eye view of Lisbon.
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25 de Abril Bridge
With its winding streets, creaking trams and laid-back vibe, Lisbon is often compared to San Francisco. Makes sense, right? Well this massive red suspension bridge seals the deal. Originally called Salazar Bridge after the Portuguese dictator of the time, it was renamed to commemorate the peaceful revolution that ousted his successors. Who knows what they’ll call it next…
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The Strip - Albufeira
Popular areas
Aeons of neon. During the day, the shops on this street dazzle with fluorescent inflatable beach gear. Once night falls, the garish glow of flickering neon announces bar after pumping bar. Fresh-faced revellers glow with beach-fresh sunburn as they swig shots in bars like Reno’s and La Bamba. This strip doesn’t tease so much as shove it in your face. Join the madness.
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What travellers love about Portugal

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