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The top places to fall in love with Romania

Capital of Romania


1,279 properties in Bucharest

Welcome to Bucharest

A fascinating mix of old and new, Bucharest is one of those cities where you can find a futuristic structure of glass and steel next to an old church, separated by a Communist-style massive edifice. Not overwhelmed by its dark past, the city is now turning its optimistic face towards the West.

What travellers love about Bucharest

  • Old Town

    16,257 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    12,209 recommendations

  • Architecture

    11,310 recommendations

  • Food

    10,260 recommendations


539 properties in Cluj-Napoca

What travellers love about Cluj-Napoca

  • Architecture

    4,705 recommendations

  • Friendly locals

    4,669 recommendations

  • Culture

    4,445 recommendations

  • City trips

    4,058 recommendations


606 properties in Braşov

What travellers love about Braşov

  • Old Town

    10,953 recommendations

  • Mountains

    8,337 recommendations

  • Architecture

    7,335 recommendations

  • History

    7,020 recommendations


966 properties in Mamaia

What travellers love about Mamaia

  • Beaches

    6,196 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    4,634 recommendations

  • Seaside

    4,204 recommendations

  • Beach walks

    4,176 recommendations

Best places to see in Romania

Bucharest Arch of Triumph
You could almost claim that this arch is a carbon copy of Paris’ “Arc de Triomphe”. Like its counterpart, it stands in the centre of a busy roundabout, yet is much more small-scale. When it's open for special occasions, you can take the short climb to the top to enjoy the spectacular views out over the city and neighbouring Herăstrău Park.
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National Museum of Art
This building is a true survivor. Built in 1812, it went from private home to royal residence by mid-century. It sustained heavy damage during WWII, and again in the 1989 Revolution. Today it has been returned to its former glory, and holds a legacy of artworks by Romanian sculptor Constatin Brâncuşi, plus paintings by Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, El Greco, Cezanne and Rubens.
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Bucharest National Theatre
A modernist marvel. This hat-shaped theatre is at the centre of University Square. Cased in concrete during Ceausescu’s rule, it was restored after the 1989 revolution. It’s capped by a distinctive strawberry-coloured roof, which protrudes by several metres. See the artworks in the lobby, chill out in the park out front, or head to the book market next to the metro station.
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Romanian Athenaeum
If music is the lifeblood of Romania, here’s its heart. This concert hall is a building of astounding beauty, with its distinctive dome, neo-classical edifice and ornate ceiling covered in anthropomorphic reliefs. The Romanian Philharmonic regularly play here to sold-out audiences of around 800, in a theatre widely regarded as having some of the best acoustics in the world.
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Cismigiu Gardens
Take a morning wander in the city’s oldest park. It contains scores of local and imported plants, trees and exotic blooms, most of which came from the Carpathians and as far afield as Vienna. Stroll through the “writers rotunda”, which contains concrete busts of Romania’s most noteworthy writers, see the delightful Rose Garden, or have lunch at the terrace next to the lake.
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Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum
Ever hankered for the quiet life? This open-air ethnographic museum situated inside Herăstrău Park will give you a taste of Romanian village life. It was actually conceived as a sociological museum, where real families could live and work. Stroll the grounds to see the protruding roofs of the traditional Buzau-style peasant houses, and the impressive Dragomireşti Church.
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What travellers love about Romania

Recommended by 81,720 travellers
Old Town
Recommended by 63,044 travellers
Recommended by 62,935 travellers

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