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Capital de Serbia


2.646 alojamientos en Belgrado

Belgrado a tus pies

Built in 535 AD, the white walls of Kalemegdan Fortress gave Belgrade its nickname. Today, the city is Europe’s new party capital – even the old fort has its own club! At Terrasa, crack open a bottle of “rakia” and get your body movin’ to turbo-folk tunes cranked all the way to eleven.

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  • Historia

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2Novi Sad

656 alojamientos en Novi Sad

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  • Centro histórico

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735 alojamientos en Zlatibor

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  • Naturaleza

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  • Relax

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Lugares que no te puedes perder en Serbia

Ada Ciganlija
Lugares de interés
Ada Ciganlija (Serbian Cyrillic Ада Циганлија, Serbian Latin: Ada Ciganlija, pronounced ['ada t​͡si'ganlija]) is an island in the Sava river flowing through central Belgrade the capital city of Serbia. The island belongs to the Belgrade municipality of Čukarica. It is located at the 4th kilometer from the Sava's confluence into the Danube near the central parts of Belgrade. It has an area of 8 square kilometres. The island is largely used as a multi-faceted recreation zone by the citizens of Belgrade; it is most famously dubbed as the Belgrade's Sea (beogradsko more) because of its long beach. Its name is derived from the Serbian word of Turkish origin 'ada' roughly meaning a river island and 'Ciganlija' an adjective form of Celtic word Tsiganlia, which later transformed in word 'Ciganlija'.Connection between word 'Ciganlija', and Cigan(Roma people) is totally false. The island was proclaimed a national public good in 1821 by Prince Miloš Obrenović of Serbia by a royal decree, and is today managed by the municipal government via the Public Enterprise "Ada Ciganlija" (JP "Ada Ciganlija"), which maintains the grounds of the recreational areas and especially the beach and the Sava Lake. It is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance such as trimming of the underwater algae, public safety (life guards) etc. Even though the island is a public good, the island itself is not exclusively managed and owned by the city. There are numerous private entities who administer businesses and recreation facilities, as well as the golf course. Notably, many Serbian famous sports personalities have invested in this area.
Alojamiento cerca de Ada Ciganlija

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