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The top places to fall in love with Saudi Arabia


458 properties in Makkah

Welcome to Makkah

This holy city is located in western Saudi Arabia and is also known as Makkah. Millions of Muslims make a pilgrimage here, as the pilgrimage is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad was born here, and it is a sacred place for Muslims and the birthplace of Islam.

What travellers love about Makkah

  • Tranquillity

    40,105 recommendations

  • Temples

    38,222 recommendations

  • Family friendly trips

    26,858 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    24,852 recommendations

2Al Madinah

232 properties in Al Madinah

Welcome to Al Madinah

Honoured by Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, one of the holiest mosques in Islam, Medina is the 2nd most important Islamic pilgrimage site after Mecca. Surrounded by hills that have seen hundreds of people seek refuge in its oasis, this city has developed a range of modern facilities to host the pilgrims from all over the world.

What travellers love about Al Madinah

  • Tranquillity

    28,528 recommendations

  • Family friendly trips

    20,366 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    20,176 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    19,196 recommendations


828 properties in Riyadh

Welcome to Riyadh

The Saudi Arabian capital, sprawling Riyadh is a mix of historic monuments and ultra-modern skyscrapers. On a plateau surrounded by desert, it is one of the Middle East’s richest cities, so there are several 5-star hotels in Riyadh.

What travellers love about Riyadh

  • Shopping

    8,857 recommendations

  • Markets

    7,310 recommendations

  • Restaurants

    7,274 recommendations

  • Business

    7,222 recommendations


562 properties in Jeddah

Welcome to Jeddah

Travellers have gone through Jeddah’s doors for centuries, seeking an entrance to the region’s most sacred sites for Hajj (pilgrimage). But this energetic, souk-filled city on the rough rocks of the Red Sea is a gem worth experiencing first-hand.

What travellers love about Jeddah

  • Shopping

    17,521 recommendations

  • Restaurants

    14,588 recommendations

  • Beaches

    14,148 recommendations

  • Seafood

    11,132 recommendations

Best places to see in Saudi Arabia

Old Bazaar
Shopping areas
Looking for a souvenir? Old Bazaar’s the place to come. "Itur” perfume and roasted falafel send a sweet scent wafting through this busy old market. A hodgepodge of Madinah miscellanea is on offer – pointy slippers, locally farmed dates, stuffed falcons, themed prayer mats and alarm clocks that sound “azan” (call to prayer). Time to sharpen your haggling skills!
Accommodation near Old Bazaar
Kingdom Center
Kingdom come. And Kingdom dominate skyline. This tower is a colossal bottle-opener-shaped construction of glass and metal. It soars above the city in a sea of skyscrapers. The rounded carapace is instantly identifiable in the cityscape. Inside, you’ll find a shopping centre and a hotel, yet the main event is the views from the sky-high “skybridge” viewing platform.
Accommodation near Kingdom Center
Floating Mosque
The Floating Mosque’s magnificence can’t be overstated. As the name suggests, it appears to hover silently above the sea. Here, modern Arabic architecture blends with ancient Islamic design. The beauty of the snow-white building and its glowing, turquoise dome create an enchanting, magical effect on the onlooker. Inside, the sacredness is palpable and the desire to meditate is unshakable.
Accommodation near Floating Mosque
Souq Al Alawi
Shopping areas
Enjoy a pleasant descent into chaos. Souq Al Alawi is the oldest and most traditional souq in Saudi Arabia. This partly covered area brims with activity from traders and pilgrims. Vendors shout cheap prices and run off a playlist of their stall’s best products. The crowds are part of the fun – and so is the haggling. Stop to smell the misk oil, then name your price.
Accommodation near Souq Al Alawi
Panorama Mall
Shopping areas
All the fun of the fair. Panorama Mall isn’t just a shopping centre – it’s also an indoor theme park. Air hockey tables, colourful carousels, zombie shoot-‘em-ups, flumes in the shape of a seal – Panorama’s flush with ways to keep whippersnappers amused. Meanwhile, the on-site spa facilities offer pampering possibilities for mums too.
Accommodation near Panorama Mall
Al Noor Mall
Shopping areas
Shop till you drop in Alnoor. Dedicated followers of fashion will be at home in this swanky shopping centre, where two floors are packed with high-end shops. The food court will fill hungry bellies, with over twenty eateries and cafés to choose from. Excitable nippers are catered for too – Sparky’s is a play area with a soft playground, arcade games and an ice rink.
Accommodation near Al Noor Mall

What travellers love about Saudi Arabia

Family friendly trips
Recommended by 88,915 travellers
Recommended by 74,424 travellers
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