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The top places to fall in love with Turkey


2,306 properties in İstanbul

Welcome to İstanbul

The city of Istanbul offers a trip unlike any other, encompassing Asian and European cultures to create a heady mix of art, music and food. The amazing Old Town and the Sultanahmet are home to iconic Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. More history is hidden in the Topkapi Palace, where you can glimpse the splendour and opulence of Turkey’s Ottoman heritage.

What travellers love about İstanbul

  • History

    55,875 recommendations

  • Shopping

    52,132 recommendations

  • Food

    50,605 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    47,402 recommendations


389 properties in Antalya

Welcome to Antalya

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, the beautiful city of Antalya is a popular tourist destination with golden beaches, blue waters, ancient ruins and vibrant nightlife. Combining the old with the new, this gorgeous holiday resort has a charming old quarter, an inviting harbour and a modern city centre.

What travellers love about Antalya

  • Beaches

    8,191 recommendations

  • Old Town

    6,787 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    6,261 recommendations

  • Food

    4,787 recommendations


147 properties in Goreme

What travellers love about Goreme

  • Scenery

    8,622 recommendations

  • Nature

    7,876 recommendations

  • History

    6,270 recommendations

  • Hiking

    5,993 recommendations


165 properties in Izmir

Welcome to Izmir

The third largest city in Turkey, Izmir is a destination which combines harmoniously the old with the new. Rich in history and tradition, this unique place features colourful markets, historic sites, golden beaches and important museums.

What travellers love about Izmir

  • Friendly locals

    4,855 recommendations

  • Food

    4,647 recommendations

  • City trips

    4,523 recommendations

  • Beaches

    3,916 recommendations

Best places to see in Turkey

Taksim Square
Taksim Square may have been associated with recent political unrest, but a trip here paints a vastly different picture. The square is the heart of modern Istanbul and functions mainly as a transport hub. It’s also a popular entertainment precinct, surrounded by shops, restaurants and local cafes. Cross-town on the historic tram for a nostalgic touch of old Istanbul.
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Hagia Sophia
‘Holy Space’! This 1500-year-old monument has seen it all – built as a church then transformed into a mosque, it’s now one of the world’s great museums. Inside, you’ll find an amazing synthesis of Christian and Islamic design, reflected in the time-worn mosaics on the walls of this enormous space. It’s a good idea to purchase tickets online, or you’ll face long queues.
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Suleymaniye Mosque
Süleyman the Magnificent’s (1520–66) taste was pretty … well, magnificent. Despite having wealth beyond imagination, his refined taste inspired this mosque’s minimal design, allowing simple touches – like beams of light through the stained-glass windows – to shine through. The complex also houses public service buildings and the charming Darüzziyafe Restaurant.
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Topkapi Palace
Once upon a time, the Sultanate moved across town – and left behind 700,000 square metres of prime real estate! Built in 1453, Topkapi Palace was the heart and mind of the Ottoman Empire for centuries. What lay abandoned in 1853 was restored 50 years later, when the palace became one of Istanbul’s premiere museums, with elaborate courtyards, gates and a harem that remain largely intact.
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Dolmabahce Palace
285-room apartments are hard to come by, but that’s exactly what Sultan Abdülmecid I was after. In 1856, he, his wife, children and pet hamster moved in with 6 other sultans. Built with a blend of Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical influences, Dolmabahce’s amenities include 68 toilets, 6 hamams, dozens of opulent chandeliers, its own clock tower … and WiFi.
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Grand Bazaar
Shopping areas
If there’s money to be made, you’ll find one of the bazaar's vendors at the end of the line. For brassy baubles, Turkish fashion or any number of tourist trinkets, the Grand Bazaar has 3,000+ shops over dozens of covered alleys to browse through. One of the world’s oldest and largest markets is also a prime spot to practise your haggling skills – never accept the first offer!
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What travellers love about Turkey

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