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Tempat terbaik yang akan buat anda jatuh cinta dengan Amerika Syarikat

1New York

1,059 penginapan di New York

Selamat datang ke New York

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – no other city quite captures the United States of America’s founding principals. Ripe with anticipation, every turn reveals something new and unexpected.

Apa yang pengembara suka tentang New York

  • Membeli-belah

    82,718 saranan

  • Bersiar-siar

    80,647 saranan

  • Muzium

    72,362 saranan

  • Hiburan

    57,320 saranan

2Las Vegas

462 penginapan di Las Vegas

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The neon lights of mega-resorts, swanky casinos and desire-filling factories might look like a desert mirage as your plane descends into Sin City – but believe it or not, what many call The Entertainment Capital of the World is as real as the money you can win at the blackjack tables.

Apa yang pengembara suka tentang Las Vegas

  • Hiburan

    57,495 saranan

  • Hiburan malam

    50,027 saranan

  • Berjudi

    47,979 saranan

  • Membeli-belah

    36,384 saranan


2,869 penginapan di Orlando

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Orlando and Disney may go together like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but there’s more to “The City Beautiful” than cartoons and roller coasters. From sprawling shopping strips to natural-spring pools, this metropolis is overflowing with thrills, spills and sunshine.

Apa yang pengembara suka tentang Orlando

  • Taman tema

    48,435 saranan

  • Universal Studios

    35,024 saranan

  • Membeli-belah

    33,543 saranan

  • Disneyland

    32,531 saranan

4Los Angeles

1,912 penginapan di Los Angeles

Selamat datang ke Los Angeles

Los Angeles – a city where creativity is capital, money speaks, and famous people come to nest. Known for its car culture, unhinged ambition, and a sun that won’t stop shining, L.A. is a place of desire and decadence fuelled by grit, glamour and red carpet reveries.

Apa yang pengembara suka tentang Los Angeles

  • Pantai

    20,937 saranan

  • Universal Studios

    20,555 saranan

  • Bersiar-siar

    19,430 saranan

  • Membeli-belah

    18,408 saranan

Tempat terbaik untuk dilawati di Amerika Syarikat

Disneyland Amusement Park Anaheim California
Penginapan berdekatan Disneyland
Disney California Adventure
A different line-up of attractions from those of Disneyland, including some family-friendly rides as well as an emphasis on adult-oriented thrill rides.
Penginapan berdekatan Disney California Adventure
Anaheim Convention Center
Pusat Persidangan
Penginapan berdekatan Anaheim Convention Center
Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Picture's theme park.
Penginapan berdekatan Universal Studios Hollywood
Dodger Stadium
Stadium atau Arena
Home of Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Dodgers
Penginapan berdekatan Dodger Stadium
Staples Center
Stadium atau Arena
A multipurpose sports arena
Penginapan berdekatan Staples Center

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