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Whether you start your spree on Madison or Fifth, NYC is every shopaholic's dream. From booming department stores like Macy's and Bloomgindales, to elegant icons like Saks and Barneys, designer brands are at your fingertips. Go vintage treasure-hunting in Soho, get lost in flea markets like... Želim saznati više

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  • Shopping

    82,638 preporuka

  • Obilazak

    80,553 preporuke

  • Muzeji

    72,290 preporuka

  • Zabava

    57,250 preporuka

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The neon lights of mega-resorts, swanky casinos and desire-filling factories might look like a desert mirage as your plane descends into Sin City – but believe it or not, what many call The Entertainment Capital of the World is as real as the money you can win at the blackjack tables. Želim saznati više

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  • Shopping

    36,361 preporuka

  • Zabava

    57,469 preporuka

  • Noćni život

    49,994 preporuke

  • Kockarnice

    47,953 preporuke

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Orlando and Disney may go together like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but there’s more to “The City Beautiful” than cartoons and roller coasters. From sprawling shopping strips to natural-spring pools, this metropolis is overflowing with thrills, spills and sunshine. Želim saznati više

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  • Shopping

    33,503 preporuke

  • Tematski parkovi

    48,390 preporuka

  • Universal Studios

    34,992 preporuke

  • Disneyland

    32,506 preporuka

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Miami Beach is America’s playground. It’s all about fun in the sun – whether sipping beachside cocktails, cruising on a jet-ski or bouncing to bass and beats. Add in a pinch of gleaming Art Deco architecture and a dollop of Latin “joie de vivre”, and you’ve got a heady hedonistic blend. Enjoy! Želim saznati više

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  • Shopping

    25,183 preporuke

  • Plaže

    43,037 preporuka

  • Šetnje plažom

    26,123 preporuke

  • Noćni život

    25,942 preporuke

Dobrodošli u grad 'Miami'

Once you’ve been to Miami, you’ll understand why Americans fly south for the winter – permanently! “Magic City” offers year-round suntans, sands like sugar icing, a cuisine influenced by its Latina culture, and the sweet taste of a Cuban molasses espresso. Too good to be true? Sure is. Želim saznati više

Što putnici vole kod grada 'Miami'

  • Shopping

    22,128 preporuka

  • Plaže

    19,520 preporuka

  • Pješčane plaže

    11,811 preporuka

  • Noćni život

    11,774 preporuke

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