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¿Una ciudad construida según el Feng Shui? Sí, ¡se llama Hong Kong! Siente la energía especial de esta jungla de cemento con un paseo en el Star Ferry. ¡No encontrarás unas vistas mejores de la ciudad!

Qué hacer en Hong Kong

International Commerce Centre
Soaring into the skies at 108-storeys high, the International Commerce Centre is the tallest building in Hong Kong. Dizzyingly huge from ground-level, a trip up to the ‘sky100’ observation deck will really bring home its sheer scale. You’ll see the other skyscrapers sprouting beneath you, and won’t be able to miss the city’s second tallest building, Two International Finance Centre, just across the harbour.
Two International Finance Centre
Knocked off Hong Kong’s tallest-building top spot back in 2010, Two International Finance Centre is still a towering contender. Overshadowed only by the International Commerce Centre across the harbour, it remains the highest skyscraper on Hong Kong Island. Its 55th-floor observation platform is free – just be sure to take photo ID with you.
Central Plaza
The third loftiest skyscraper in Hong Kong, Central Plaza was once the tallest reinforced concrete building in the world. Its façade blazes with bright LEDs well into the night, changing colour every 15 minutes to help city-dwellers keep track of time. The building is also home to the world’s highest place of worship, ‘Sky City Church’, which sits atop its 75th floor.
Bank of China Tower
The geometric Bank of China Tower juts into the skyline at 367 metres tall. Going against the traditional teachings of feng shui, its structure originally caused controversy due to its sharp edges and ‘X’ shapes. Now, however, the building is so iconic that its futuristic façade has even made it into an episode of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’.
The Center
Office building, The Center, is an iconic sight amidst the Hong Kong skyline. It’s an impressive building with a shiny steel lobby that was once featured in Batman film, ‘The Dark Knight’. After nightfall, its sides glow with bars of brightly coloured lights, running through the spectrum as they climb towards the heavens.
Nina Tower
The misleadingly named Nina Tower is actually made up of two high-rise buildings. Originally designed to be the tallest skyscraper in the world, it was chopped in two due to airport restrictions! Its top 40 floors house a five-star hotel, while levels one to five are a shopper’s paradise. Head up to the free ‘skylobby’ on floor 41 for panoramic views over the Tsuen Wan district.
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¿Desde dónde se pueden ver las mejores panorámicas de Hong Kong?

“Desde Kowloon, cerca de la torre del reloj”

“Star Avenue día o noche”

“Victoria Peak”

“The Avenue of Stars and the top floor bar of the ICC Building. Go for the Sky100 bar if you want a nice setting or for Ozone if you want a hip, trendy bar.”

“A ferry from Hong Kong island is only 2.50 HK$. From the Ferry the skyline is stunning. Once you get to Kowloon it is just magnificent views. You can take the Peak tram, but then early in the morning as many tourists were standing in-line. We traveled to Hong Kong in September and it was very busy and hot. We pre-booked most of the tourist attractions, which helped.”

“The Peak was fantastic - a fun trip up on the Peak Tram and lots to look at once you get there. The Sky100 gives a good perspective of the city as well with a 365 view. But to qualify - the quality of the view is very dependent on the smog level.”

“KowLoon and the Avenue of stars is great night or day, Victoria peak is a zoo to line up for but the reward of the view is worth it, pay the extra to get on top of the mall up there and there are tons of restaurants up there too but mostly western.”

“Best options to witness the awesome skyline would be a) The Peak, b) Sky100 on 100th floor of ICC building at Kowloon or c) visit Harbour at TST for Symphony of light show at 20:00 each night”

“Take a walk to the new Ferris Wheel near the Hong Kong pier at sunset, and later move to the Kowloon Water front and enjoy the lights show at 8 p.m.”

“take an evening junk trip in time to see all the lights switch on across the harbour - or even go to-and-fro on the Star Ferry for the same effect”

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Hotel ICON

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Wharney Guang Dong Hong Kong

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Regal Airport Hotel

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The Harbourview

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Royal Plaza Hotel

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InterContinental Hong Kong

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