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Seçme Hobart İş Merkezi otelleri

  • 106 tesis Hobart İş Merkezi semtinde
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  • Fountainside Hotel

    Fountainside Hotel

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Hobart CBD'nin (Merkezi İş Bölgesi) kalbinde yer alan Fountainside Hotel, 4 yıldızlı konaklama birimleriyle hizmet vermektedir. The best hotel i've stayed in Australia, by far! An excellent location in Hobart, 10 minutes walk to the harbor are and 20 minutes by shuttle to the airport. The minibar is, as everybody says, very cheap and handy! Also, i have to compliment the restaurant staff which were very nice, especially the chef! Great food! I've had the opportunity to travel around Hobart and see locations for other hotels, so i am very happy with my choice. 100% recommend it!

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 449
    9,1 Fevkalade 1.049 değerlendirme
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart

    Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart offers premier facilities, where guests can work out in the state-of-the-art fitness club or indulge in a skyline swim with views of Mount Wellington in the indoor pool. The staff was really very nice and wanted to help you

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 631
    9,2 Fevkalade 2.077 değerlendirme
  • Hadley's Orient Hotel

    Hadley's Orient Hotel

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Built in 1834, this unique and elegant hotel is located in the heart of Hobart's CBD (Central Business District). The front desk staff was very helpful, the room was huge and quiet, and the bar drinks and appetizers were excellent and moderately priced. Perfect location.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 585
    9,1 Fevkalade 1.405 değerlendirme
  • MACq 01 Hotel

    MACq 01 Hotel

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Nestled in the heart of the historic Hobart waterfront, MACq 01 is a luxurious hotel that combines premium accommodation with unforgettable storytelling. The spatial planning of the room is very nice, it's very specious. There staff are very helpful and nice. very good. I like the story telling part, the concept of the hotel is very nice. Will surely recommend friends to come.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 1.180
    9,6 Olağanüstü 624 değerlendirme
  • Grande Vue Private Hotel

    Grande Vue Private Hotel

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Bu tarihi tesis 1906 yılında inşa edilmiş olup orijinal şömineler ve vitray pencereleri ön plana çıkarılmıştır. Fabulous accommodation Great location Superior comfort Private and home like with a sense of grandeur

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 976
    9,5 Olağanüstü 256 değerlendirme
  • Alabama Hotel Hobart

    Alabama Hotel Hobart

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Alabama Hotel, Hobart'ın kalbinde ekonomik konaklama birimleri sunmaktadır. Konuklar tesis bünyesindeki barda içki veya atıştırmalıkların tadını çıkarabilir veya terasta açık havada dinlenebilir. - Every single member of staff is outstanding. They're all really friendly and are passionate about the drinks they serve. All of them have great knowledge about the drinks selection and seem to really genuinely care about making you a good drink. - The hotel decor is great. I love the artwork (particularly the big painting of the guy and the Siamese cat, plus the flamingos on the stairs). The lounge area is really comfy and welcoming. Its a wonderful place to hang out. - They do an excellent job of blending the shared bathroom experience with a private room. There's no dirty, noisy hostel vibes here. All their carefully thought out touches like homemade soaps and water bottles in the hallways give this place an upmarket feel. - This place is clean and practical. I like that the shared showers have a wooden slatted board to stand on so you don't have to get changed while standing on a wet floor. - The hotel feels very secure. Theres a keypad entry for after hours and the luggage storage is in a locked room. - The location is smack bang in the centre of town. Easy to get everywhere from here and easy access to good restaurants. Overall, i just loved this hotel. It's probably one of my favourite places i've ever stayed. I travel a lot and am past the age of being comfortable in hostels. But it gets expensive to stay in hotels all the time. Alabama gets this balance of budget with boutique perfectly. I loved it here! Thank you to all the Alabama staff for a lovely relaxing stay!

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 454
    9,0 Fevkalade 316 değerlendirme
  • Salamanca Wharf Hotel

    Salamanca Wharf Hotel

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Located in the cultural and historic heart of Hobart CBD (Central Business District), Salamanca Wharf Hotel a 5-minute walk from Hobart’s waterfront. Location, well facilitated, parking

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 962
    9,0 Fevkalade 383 değerlendirme
  • The Henry Jones Art Hotel

    The Henry Jones Art Hotel

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Sitting alongside Hobart's waterfront, the historic Henry Jones Art Hotel offers luxurious rooms offering water or courtyard views. Wonderful hotel. Given an upgrade to a beautiful room. Unique with fantastic facilities. The restaurants were great and the staff very helpful and attentive.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 953
    9,3 Fevkalade 341 değerlendirme
  • Lenna Of Hobart

    Lenna Of Hobart

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Just 2 minutes' walk from Sullivan's Cove and Salamanca Place, this restored mansion in Hobart offers modern accommodation with flat-screen cable TV and panoramic views of the harbour, mountain, city... Great room, clean and super comfy

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 794
    9,0 Fevkalade 797 değerlendirme
  • Ibis Styles Hobart

    Ibis Styles Hobart

    Hobart İş Merkezi, Hobart

    Located in the heart of vibrant Hobart CBD and adjacent to The Commonwealth Government Centre, Ibis Styles Hobart boasts a fitness centre, swimming pool, basement parking and an Asian street-food... Extremely kind and helpful staff here. Love the view and its location. It is very convenient, clean and comfortable. Would definitely recommend people to stay here.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 523
    8,6 Müthiş 2.406 değerlendirme

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