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  • 313 tesis Alfama semtinde
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  • Hotel Convento do Salvador

    Hotel Convento do Salvador

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Lizbon'daki tarihi Alfama semtinde yer alan Hotel Convento do Salvador, simgesel São Jorge Kalesi'ne, Sé Katedrali'ne ve Ulusal Panteon'a sadece 6 dakikalık yürüme mesafesindedir. tesisin yeri cok merkezi personel cok güleryüzlü otel ve odalar cok temiz,kahvaltısı az, öz ve güzeldi

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 744
    9,2 Fevkalade 3.282 değerlendirme
  • Old Fence Studios - Alfama

    Old Fence Studios - Alfama

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Old Fence Studios, Lizbon'un tarihi Alfama bölgesinde yer almaktadır. Tejo Nehri 100 metre, Comércio Meydanı 700 metre, Terreiro do paço Metro İstasyonu ise 550 metre uzaklıktadır. Konum, konfor, olanaklar olağanüstüydü ve tesisi işleten bey de çok kibar ve misafirperver birisi. Kısaca eksik hiçbirşey yoktu. Bundan daha iyisi de olamazdı hem de bu fiyatlara. The location was excellent, in the heart of old town and fado's. Comfortable and hygeniec room, friendly and very kind host. No place would better than these. Nothing was failed.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 510
    9,1 Fevkalade 260 değerlendirme
  • Alfama Apartments Services

    Alfama Apartments Services

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Ücretsiz WiFi erişimine sahip Alfama Apartments Services, Lizbon'da yer almaktadır. Dona Maria II Ulusal Tiyatrosu 900 metre uzaklıktadır. Konaklama birimleri klima ve düz ekran TV ile donatılmıştır. The room was really nice and tidy. Our host greeted us at check-in and it was even possible to check in and get our room a few hours early. We loved staying here and the location was just perfect.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 831
    9,5 Olağanüstü 341 değerlendirme
  • Alfama 44

    Alfama 44

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Lizbon'da, Dona Maria II Ulusal Tiyatrosu'na ve Rossio'ya 900 metre mesafede yer alan Alfama 44, ücretsiz WiFi erişimine sahip konaklama birimleriyle hizmet vermektedir. Thank you Marisa & Luis, you and your place made my holiday GREAT!!! The apartment was SUPERP!! The owners Marisa and Luis were the great hosts who really take care of their visitors. They had prepaired map and selection of restaurants you to try and which I did and I was very satisfied. They also were very helpful for transportation from/to airport and made pre-orders for me. The apartment was great and lovely and very clean, everything was new and tip top, it was more than a pleasure to spend a week there. I could not have made a better choice in this city. I had an apartment in third floor with lovely roof terrace to enjoy the class of wine in the sun shine. The apartment itself had two floors, downstairs with living room and kitchenette and few stairs up your bed and access to terrace. The location in Alfama, the historical part of the city was just TOP, you could walk around easily but also metro, buss and tram were close by. There were many restaurants and bars close by. Lisboa is a lovely and beautiful city, I will return certainly!!!!

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 510
    9,4 Fevkalade 222 değerlendirme
  • Casa da Maria Alfama

    Casa da Maria Alfama

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Offering a terrace, Casa da Maria Alfama is located in Lisbon, not far from Dona Maria II National Theatre. Free WiFi is featured. Great place. Perfect location.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 474
    9,0 Fevkalade 219 değerlendirme
  • Alfama by Lisbon Inside Out

    Alfama by Lisbon Inside Out

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Bu tesis Lizbon'un geleneksel Fado bölgesi olarak bilinen Alfama'da yer almaktadır. Alfama by Lisbon Inside Out'un tüm dairelerinde ücretsiz Wi-Fi ve klima mevcuttur. Ev sahibi çok yardımcıydı, çok yararlı bilgiler paylaştı, her zaman ulaşabildik. Çok temizdi, oda için güzel döşenmişti.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 1.119
    9,4 Fevkalade 410 değerlendirme
  • Barracão de Alfama Apartments

    Barracão de Alfama Apartments

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Lizbon'da yer alan Barracão de Alfama Apartments, ücretsiz Wi-Fi erişimi ve düz ekran TV ile donatılmış konaklama birimleri sunmaktadır. Due to recent foot surgery (and still on one crutch now and then), my priority was to be easy walking distance to Fado restaurants and nightclubs --- this location exceeded my expectations! My apartment was located 1-3 min. from 3 Fado places on my wish list, and 1 min. to the lovely open square, facing the Fado Museum, where I had my morning coffee with freshly-baked (still warm!) pastel de nata. One lovely vine-covered outdoor restaurant was literally at my entrance door and below my 2 bedroom windows, giving me a peaceful night's sleep because it closed before I went to bed. I was also impressed to be welcomed by a large bowl of fresh fruit, a bottle of wine, a package of ham, and 2 large bottles of still and bubbly water, all free of charge. I ate well in their restaurant, 1 min. away, with its indoor and outdoor choices, and very friendly staff. As a solo woman traveller, this location, almost at the litup square, felt comfortable and safe everytime I returned from my Fado nights at 2-3 am --- a definite plus! Martha, who runs the apartments and the restaurant with her parents, was delightful. She has given the apartment such a warm, personal feeling, with beautifully-placed dried flowers and other deco touches everywhere. On my day of departure, she couldn't do enough ,ordering a fair-priced taxi for me and even helping me with my suitcase across the cobbly square to the taxi. I wanted to immediately book again, as I will be returning for the annual Fado Festival end of September, but she was already fully-booked. I am a retired Canadian, living an hour north of Lisbon, and I am so pleased to have found a great place in the Alfama to always return to, and perhaps even a new friend.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 510
    9,4 Fevkalade 101 değerlendirme
  • Alfama Remédios

    Alfama Remédios

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Situated in Lisbon, Alfama Remédios offers free WiFi, 1 km from Dona Maria II National Theatre and 1 km from Rossio. Apartment well maintained. Very good location. Staff v nice and helpful. Have a taxi shuttle service its 20e each way to the airport other taxes are 30e plus.

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    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 962
    9,1 Fevkalade 143 değerlendirme
  • Alfama Right Point

    Alfama Right Point

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Lizbon'un tarihi merkezinde yer alan Alfama Right Point, Portas do Sol Belvedere'ye 4 dakikalık yürüme mesafesindedir. The apartment was beautiful and modern, the furniture was really new! Irina was very kind. Really magic atmosphere in the evening when you can see the Tago river at sunset while listening to Fado music coming up from the street. Miradouro de Santo Estevao really near the apartment, a quiet and magic corner of the city, really inspiring place.

    Daha fazla göster Daha az göster
    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 510
    9,1 Fevkalade 469 değerlendirme
  • Alma Moura Residences

    Alma Moura Residences

    Lizbon Şehir Merkezi, Lizbon

    Bahçeli Alma Moura Residences, Lizbon'un Santa Maria Maior bölgesinde, Dona Maria II Ulusal Tiyatrosu'na ve Rossio'ya 900 metre mesafede yer almaktadır. WiFi erişimi ücretsizdir. The room and grounds were lovely and is in a great location. However, the best part of our stay was our host, Pedro. He really went out of his way to make our stay amazing and I can't say enough nice things about him. If we are ever back in Lisbon, and I hope we are, I will definitely try to stay here again.

    Daha fazla göster Daha az göster
    Gecelik ort. fiyat TL 620
    9,1 Fevkalade 273 değerlendirme

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