To earn up to €1,000 cash back per reservation, book on this promo site or

Terms and Conditions - DTAC rewards cashback up to 10%

Please read these conditions of use carefully before using this B.V. service.

We will provide services to you, subject to the conditions stated below in this document. Every time you visit this website, use our services, or make a purchase, you accept the following conditions. This is why we urge you to read them carefully.

This promotion is scheduled to run until 31 January 2020. DTAC and B.V. may extend the promotion at their discretion.

This promotion is only available to DTAC rewards members in Thailand. This promotion is only available if you sign in to on a web browser with your account via Bookings made with the app are not eligible for this promotion.

DTAC members will receive cashback 6-10% for a term of 6 months, beginning on the date 15 August 2019.

Any travel credit offered will only be considered earned when a qualifying stay has been completed. Travel credit can only be redeemed for properties that accept Booking Wallet payments. Bookings paid for with previously earned travel credit may not be eligible to earn additional credit.

The maximum amount of travel credit that B.V. will award is €1,000 per booking

Your travel credit will be issued approximately 64 business days after the end of your stay, as the stay needs to be verified by the property after you check out.

The travel credit will be sent to the account holder’s email address. It is the account holder’s responsibility to provide the correct email address. B.V. shall not be held liable for the failure to obtain travel credit due to the provision of incorrect or missing email addresses. Travel credit will be granted only to the DTAC rewards member who made the booking. If a DTAC rewards member makes a booking on behalf of another person, and/or provides another person’s email address during the booking process, this other person will not be eligible to receive travel credit.

The amount of travel credit awarded will be based on the net price of the user’s accommodation booking, excluding taxes and service fees, VAT, and other miscellaneous charges or facility costs, if applicable. Please find the complete conditions of use for the travel credit here.

Only changes, modifications, or upgrades made to a booking by and through the site will result in the updating of the amount of travel credit offered to a user. Changes, modifications, or upgrades made in any other manner, for example, in person at the property, will not change the original amount of travel credit offered to a user. In the event of any change or modification that lowers the net value of a booking, any travel credit offered shall be based on the new, lower net value. travel credit not redeemed within 2 years after the qualifying booking is made will automatically expire. travel credit cannot be transferred, exchanged for cash or money, or sold. travel credit will not be awarded for "no-show" or cancelled bookings. Participants in programs (e.g. Booking.Basic, for Business, Refer a Friend, etc.) are not eligible for this promotion.

Staff members of B.V. and its affiliates, as well as participants in the Affiliate Partner Program, are not eligible for this promotion. Participants must be natural persons.

If travel credit earned from a previously completed booking is used for a future booking, the user will not be eligible to earn credit based on the total amount of the booking, but only based on the amount paid by the user not using previously earned travel credit. For example, say the net price of a booking is €100 and a user earns €10 in travel credit from this transaction. The user then proceeds to make a second booking with a net value of €150. He or she can apply the €10 travel credit earned from the previous booking, but will only earn new credit based on an amount of €140 (the net value of the booking minus the amount of travel credit applied), not the total of €150.

All conditions of the promotion must be met at the time the booking is made; no retroactive claims will be allowed.

If more than one DTAC rewards member is involved in a booking (e.g. as part of the travelling party), only the member who made the reservation will earn travel credit for the booking. will not permit multiple DTAC rewards accounts to be submitted to its system for the same stay. B.V. reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time. In accordance with the general Terms and Conditions of B.V., B.V. shall be the sole authorized party in the administration of accounts, calculation of travel credit earned, provision of information regarding travel credit, and the issuance of travel credit. B.V. records shall be controlling in all cases.

In the event of (alleged) fraud or misuse, B.V. is entitled to immediately suspend and/or withhold travel credit, and/or terminate, and/or suspend its agreement with any parties involved. B.V. retains the right to investigate participation in this promotion for any fraudulent activities and to take measures to end these activities. These measures may entail B.V. cancelling a booking at its own discretion. Travel credit earned through fraudulent activities or activities in violation of any B.V. conditions of use is null and void, and repayment may be requested by B.V.

The original English version of these conditions of use has been translated into Thai. This translated version is offered as a courtesy only, and no rights can be derived from any translated version. In the event of a dispute about the contents or interpretation of these conditions of use, or any inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any translation of these conditions of use, the English-language version, to the extent permitted by law, shall apply, prevail, and be conclusive.