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Tennivalók Chester

Chester Zoo
Chester Zoo offers a fun and stimulating day out for everyone, no matter what age or ability. As well as our 500 different species of animals and award-winning gardens, we offer first class facilities that ensure your day out really is as enjoyable as possible.
Caughall Rd
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Jól bánnak az állatokkal Chester állatkertjében? Mi tetszett Önnek különösen, és mi az, amit inkább elfelejtene?

Didn't like that most of the animals could only be viewed behind glass. The red ape viewing gallery was very claustrophobic and unnecessary. Confusing layout even with the map.
The animals in Chester Zoo are given some of the most spacious and stimulating habitats, so much so that it's often difficult to find the animal it's supposed to house.
It seemed to me that the animals looked quite relaxed and well looked after. I didn't notice any signs of distress. I'm not an expert though.
All the animals and their living conditions looked in excellent condition. Really lovely zoo. Very big - packed with things to do and see
Yes they are well taken care off. The only thing is it took us an hour to find our way out, it was the funniest part of the day :)
Yes the zoo is absolutely fantastic I loved everything about it and would recommend it for all ages.
In my opinion Chester Zoo is one of the best attractions in the country.
Very good zoo. habitat was based around the animals needs
The animals are well cared for and have plenty of room.
yes, it was a great family day and so much to see