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Aktivnosti Chicago

Navy Pier
Located on Lake Michigan, just East of Chicago’s Downtown, Navy Pier has been a Chicago landmark since it first opened in 1916. Originally designed as both a shipping and recreational facility, the Pier also served as a military training site during two world wars, a venue for concerts and exhibitions, and the temporary home for a once-fledgling University of Illinois’ Chicago campus. Today, Navy Pier showcases a unique collection of restaurants and shops in addition to unequaled recreational and exhibition facilities.
600 E. Grand Avenue
Zoološki vrt Lincoln
Worth braying about. Lincoln Park Zoo spans thousands of species with the regular stars – giraffes, hippos, apes, lions, tigers and bears – plus odd supporting players, like the oriental fire-bellied toad and the hooting white-faced saki monkey. Forge your own path across 35 acres of wildlife to see animalia and mammalia in eco-systems that mimic their natural environments.
2001 N. Clark Street je pitao putnike...

Što Chicago nudi kako biste se vi i vaša obitelj osjećali dobrodošlim?

This is not my first trip to Chicago, but it was definitely memorable. Of all the major metropolitan cities, I feel like Chicagoans are extremely friendly and personable. We were there to make a trip to the American Girl Doll store. My 9-year-old could not wait to go there. Everywhere we went people asked her about her doll, and made her feel so special. We took in some sights as well as just walked around taking in the vibe both during the day and the early evening. The icing on the cake was when I accidentally left my phone sitting on the counter at the Tremont when we checked out. Our sweet cab driver offered to let me use her phone to call the hotel, took us back, and waited for us. It was all around a great experience! Now, I have a little girl who is totally enamored with Chicago! Can't wait to come visit again with the whole family!
A lot of option for the kids like the Navy Pier, Shedd aquarium...
Friendly people and easy to travel around in.