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Flights from New York to Rotorua

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Useful information on flying to Rotorua
There is only 1 airport in Rotorua: Rotorua Regional Airport.
The most popular months for our guests to stay in Rotorua are July, January and June. Rotorua accommodation on our site is generally cheapest in October, February and November.
18h 11m
Shortest flight time
14145 km
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Airports in Rotorua
FAQs about flights from New York to Rotorua
How long is the flight from New York to Rotorua?

The shortest flight to Rotorua from New York takes 18h 11m (based on flights departing in the next 60 days).

How many airports are there in New York?

There are 3 airports in New York:

  • LaGuardia Airport
  • Newark Liberty International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport

How many airports are there in Rotorua?

There is only 1 airport in Rotorua:

  • Rotorua Regional Airport

Which airport in Rotorua is closest to the city centre?

The closest airport to the centre of Rotorua is Rotorua Regional Airport.

How close is Rotorua Regional Airport from the centre of Rotorua?

Rotorua Regional Airport is 7 km from the centre of Rotorua.

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