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If you can do it - extend your trip! Switch hotels every 2-3 nights. Drive down to the Keys. Buy that designer bag or wallet you always wanted. Miami can take you on a wild ride. Splurge on the finer things in life and max out your card in 2 days OR instead of staying on Ocean Drive, find a smaller boutique hotel or apartment a few blocks away from the beach for 1/3 of the price per night, instead of paying $150 for 4 mojitos and 2 shots of Patron at Lario's every night (the best by the way!) - just buy drinks one night and go to I LOVE LIQUORS on Collins (A1A) and make your own for the rest of the week, the food is so good everywhere! You don't need to spend $200 on dinner every night - go to the Whopper Bar or the 11th Street Diner - Ask the front desk for club comps or connects, if you're going to spend $1,000's in drinks with your 10 friends why not just get a table with bottle serve and split the cost? So where is the best place to max out your Credit Card? That's for you to decide! DO research and be nice to your bartender or waitress/waiter - ask them for their opinion! OH - and HAPPY HOUR at most 4-5 star restaurants (sit at the bar)