Rekomendowane hotele w regionie Eifel

Eifel – atrakcje

Hike the volcanic landscape of the Eifel Trail
Explore Eifel’s impressive volcanic landscape on hiking and bicycle trails. Stare in wonder at vivid blue crater lakes, ancient lava flows and escaping plumes of steam.
Visit Aachen: the Spa of Kings
Heated by underground thermal power, the water is always warm in Aachen! Treat yourself at the indulgent Carolus Spa, or visit the Imperial Cathedral built in 796 AD.
Marvel Monschau’s half-timbered houses
Monschau’s unique half-timbered houses are a mosaic of white and beige. Wander winding alleys to discover the city’s castle or the Rotes Haus (textile) Museum.
Explore ancient bogs in High Fens National Park
Located on the German-Belgian border, this nature park is home to moorland and raised bogs, some over 10,000 years old. Keen eyes will appreciate the array of flora and fauna.
Catch motorsport action at Nürburgring
Nürburgring motorsports complex is one of the Formula 1’s premier tracks. With a history dating back to 1925, the venue also has a shopping mall, bars and a fairground.
Saunter through the spa town of Bad Münstereifel
This medieval town oozes charm, with well-preserved historic sites like Red Rathaus (town hall). There’s also a castle and Roman lime kilns dating back to the 3rd Century.
Hop to it: Bitburger Brewery
Discover where that beer in your stein came from at the Bitburger Brewery. Learn how hops are harvested and then crafted into the liquid gold you love to sip.
Cruise the Kyll Cycle Route
The Kyll Cycle Route is an easy scenic ride along the lovely Kyll River. Northern Eifel will stun you with its lakes, meadows and volcanic peaks covered in woodland.
Connect with nature on the Eifelstieg Trail
Trek beneath towering trees,and feel engulfed by the natural beauty of the Eifelstieg Trail. 313 km long, this hiking route offers pristine and changing landscapes.
Taste the gingery goodness of traditional Printen
Originating in Aachen in the 1400s, Printen are yummy gingercake-like biscuits. Visit the Noblis store for the original or modern versions smothered in chocolate or nuts.

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