Rekomendowane obiekty na wyspie Naksos

Naksos – atrakcje

Naxos Castle
This fine example of Venetian architecture was the town’s acropolis, built during the Middle Ages. Locals still live in the mansions surrounding it.
This imposing temple entrance has watched over Naxos Harbour for 2 millennia. The 6th-century monument has become an icon of the island.
Plaża Agios Georgios
Niemal niekończąca się plaża Agios Georgios to popularne miejsce wśród miłośników opalania i windsurfingu.
Plaża Agios Prokopios
Plaża Agios Prokopios to nie tylko krystalicznie czysta woda i złoty piasek — znajdziesz też tutaj niezwykłe jeziora z wodą o czerwonej barwie.
Surfing on Mikri Vigla Beach
This kite and wind surfing hotspot is famed for its golden sands, wild landscape and Cycladic architecture.
The village of Apiranthos
Set at a 650-metre altitude, this village is on the slopes of Mount Fanari. Its architecture and layout have remained almost untouched since Venetian times.
Filoti Village
One of the island’s most picturesque villages, Filoti is surrounded by valleys and features charming Cycladic architecture.
Naxos Archaeological Museum
This museum’s rare exhibitions include marble and pottery dating back to 5000 BC. Excavations have taken place on the island since the end of World War 2.
Temple of Demeter
Named after the goddess of agriculture, this striking temple dates from the 6th century BC. Archaeologists resurrected the temple from ruins found in the 1970s.
Tower of Agia
This 17th-century tower is a former look-out post which sits on the north coast. It offers a striking Venetian design, which is replicated throughout the island.

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