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Романтични хотели в Брюж

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Неща, които да правите Брюж

Burg Square
Time for a square dance. This is Bruges at its most architecturally diverse. Take a tour of styles, starting with the Gothic grandeur of the Town Hall and Chapel of the Holy Blood. Wheel round to admire seethe Renaissance flourishes of the Old Civil Registry, admire the neoclassical Court of Justice, and gasp at the baroque boldness of The Deanery.
A Horse Drawn Ride around Bruges
Ride back in time on a horse-drawn carriage. There’s no better way to appreciate the Belgian beauty of Bruges than with a romantic trip on a traditional wooden wagon. You’ll love discovering the medieval squares and picturesque canals while snuggled up in the back seat, to the clip-clop of horse’s hooves across cobblestone streets.
The Central Markt Square
Bruges is like a fairytale, and the Markt is no exception. The true heart of the city, this romantic square is surrounded by ornate architecture, impressive statues and cobblestone streets. The colourful buildings house restaurants and bars, perfect for a cool beer as you watch the world go by. Once the sun sets, walk amidst the twinkling street lights, drinking in the beauty.
The Mayans ground it into gruel. The Aztecs used it to boost their libido. Today, cocoa’s a prized commodity and the prime ingredient of chocolate. See just how far humans have gone to satiate their sugar cravings in the museum, where you can take a workshop in the art of moulding. Alternatively, sit in the café and sip a hot chocolate that’s as smooth as butter.
Sint-Jansstraat 7b
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Според някои времето на романтичността е отминало, защо Брюж ги опровергава?

My girlfriend and I had a picknick by the Minnewater in the early evening... Try it. Also, there was a magical moment in the night when the buildings along the Dijver canal had a perfect reflection in the water.
the calmness of the little cobbled streets really makes you have the time to get to know one another in a deeper level. Taking a bike ride around the southern parks, the ones close to the train station, as they are so picturesque it really creates an illusion of immortality and being back in time.
The atmosphere of the city takes you back in time and it is amazing to see things kept in a good way. You do not need to rush anywhere. It is friendly , Cosy and you can walk through the city hand in hand stop by for a coffee and a waffel or have a glass of beer . Perfect for couples.
The city makes you fall in love even more! Its very welcome to walk together, holding hands, appreciating every street and house. And a good chocolate also makes you more relaxed what turns things better haha
Romance must have been created in brugge it's by far the most beautiful, relaxed and mesmerising place I've been. Romance oozes out of this place. Rekindle your love for eachother ;) and go!
Sign in a Chocolate Shop "It is true that money doesn't buy happiness but it does buy chocolate which is kind of the same thing".
Lovely, colourful architecture; cobble stone streets; canal running through city; horse and carriage tours
Bruges is one of the most romantic places I have ever been too!
Beautify walks, Parks, architecture and river ways
Romantic walks and farytale setting.

Най-интересното от Брюж

Michelangelo, chocolate, and 47 bells are three trademarks for one of the oldest cities in Belgium. The city’s charms lie in its well-preserved historic buildings, which was the movie playground for Colin Farrell in ‘In Bruges’. Visit the Church of Our Lady (with a piece by Michelangelo), the Belfry and sample Bruges’ sweet specialities.
Go chocolate-crazy in Bruges! Eat your way through white, milk and filled chocolates – there’s plenty of chocolatey goodness available around almost every street corner, especially along Katelijnstraat.