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Hotel romantis Praha

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Charles Bridge
This faithful friend has spanned the watery divide between the Old Town and Malá Strana for over 600 years. The stream of footsteps on the cobbles sounds out a restless beat, accompanying the myriad street musicians and performers. Bronze statues stand watch over the crowd, giving an eternal sense of grandeur to this most majestic of Prague’s bridges.
Old Town Square
When you gaze out on Old Town Square, you’ll immediately understand why it’s known as one of the most beautiful in the world. Surrounded by colourful buildings on all sides, including the famous medieval clock tower, this 700-year-old marketplace will take you back in time. Drink in the beauty from a terrace, then meander through the tiny alleyways branching out from the square.
Prague Castle
The largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle is a must-do for any visitor. What you can’t anticipate is its sheer size – with churches, alleyways, royal residencies and gardens, it would take days to fully explore it. Like walking through a maze, it’s a wonderful place to immerse yourself in the romance of times gone by.
Kastil Troya
Troya castle (Czech: Trojský zámek) is a baroque chateau built in 1678-95. At present, it houses a permanent exhibition of City Gallery of Prague.
Kastil Praha
The alabaster-coloured Prague Castle drapes along the hillside. It overlooks the clay-tile rooftops of Malá Strana from its stately seat seeming more like a citadel – with towers and palaces from all periods surrounded by ramparts and gardens. You’ll wind through grand halls and courtyards from the Gothic to the Romanesque.
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Grand architecture, the beautiful Charles Bridge, the Voltava River (day and night cruises possible), the towers with stunning views of the city, music is everywhere - from street musicians and groups, to classical and other concerts, plays, museums, Bethlehem Chapel (on the site where Jan Hus preached), other magnificent church structures and Jewish temples, restaurants, the 'Lover's gate' where you can put a lock with the names of you and your spouse or significant other and throw away the key, the Lennon wall (John, not Lenin). Prague has been called 'the poor man's Paris', though I suspect it's not so cheap for the poor anymore, but certainly for middle-class, it's a great romantic getaway.
The city is beautiful by day and by night, it's is vibrant, full of interesting cobbled streets and tall gothic, Venusian, Art Deco buildings, there is all ways a constant atraction that count your eye that lex you to another interning place
Stood on Charles Bridge looking out towards Prague Castle at night wrapped around the one you love....... Honestly the most amazing feeling. Absolutely gorgeous city!!!!!
Easy to walk around in and get lost in the cobblestone streets. It feels safe. Many places to stop for a coffee or something to drink.
Definitely much more romantic feeling than other overrated cities in Europe, Paris... NOT AT ALL! Prague, YES!
Visit Charles Bridge during the sunset and visit the Old town square...........were great for couple.
Walk in the old town in the evening shows that the romantic atmosphere can't disappear.
Such beautiful places for relatively cheap prices makes it perfect for young couples
A walk on Charle's Bridge, wandering in squares drinking hot wine...
Charles Bridge!!! And the wonderful art in the galleries.

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Suasana romantis
Prague tells a tale of two cities. 30 statues of Christian saints line Charles Bridge's balustrades, patiently watching over the weary pilgrims who journey from the Old Town to Malá Strana. The potently Gothic Prague Castle, far off in the distance, overlooks a cityscape that’s straight out of a fairy tale.