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Romantični hoteli u Parizu

Više od milion korisnika prošlog meseca je navelo da bi preporučilo svojoj porodici i prijateljima.

  • 10 najboljih romantičnih hotela na destinaciji Pariz, FRA

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Zanimljivosti Pariz

Rue Montorgueil
Whether picking up groceries, a fresh bunch of flowers or just soaking up the ambiance, in Rue Montorgueil you’ll find some of the quaintest patisseries, shops and cafes in Paris.
Journey to the Temple of Love
To reach the Temple of Love, hire yourselves a pretty little rowboat and swish gracefully – or not so gracefully – across the waters of Lac Daumesnil. Moor up and explore the romantic Rococo-style structure and gorgeous, leaf-shrouded grotto beneath. Perfect for hazy summer afternoons, you’ll get bonus points from your partner for packing a deliciously Parisian picnic.
Cruise on the Seine
Gliding serenely along the Seine as the shining lights of Paris twinkle on the water, it’s easy to understand the city’s reputation for romance. Hold hands across a candlelit table as you sip a glass of wine and soak up the atmosphere between courses of delicious French cuisine. Although there are plenty of sights to be seen, you’d be forgiven for only having eyes for each other.
Montmartre Quarter
Get lost together amidst the steep cobbled streets of arty Montmartre. Home to some of the city’s most famous free-thinkers and creatives, this quirky quarter offers sweet brasseries and awe-inspiring views out over Paris. The best way to explore un-hassled is to wind your way to the top, disappearing down side streets as you head on up towards the Sacré Coeur.
Pont des Arts
Paris’ famous ‘Love Lock Bridge’ is now lockless after 45 tonnes of true love left its structure buckling. Visitors hoping to toss the keys to their heart into the Seine will be disappointed to discover that plexiglass panels have now been fitted to the railings. Linking the Institut de France and Palais du Louvre, the bridge is still a beautiful stretch to stroll along on your trip.
Jardins du Trocadéro
In these lush green gardens, fountains burst high into the air as couples lounge lazily on the grass. With the Eiffel Tower on the opposite bank, it’s the perfect place to take some cute snaps together. Head there after dark to share a romantic kiss as the tower’s lights twinkle magically in the background.
Indulge at Lapérouse Restaurant
The historic Lapérouse restaurant offers dark, candlelit corners and gorgeous private rooms for a romantic evening of indulgence. Its luxurious decor tells a tale of old Paris with silver candelabras, elaborately painted panels and sumptuous red velvet seating. Once frequented by literary greats like Victor Hugo and Émile Zola, it’s now just as popular with today’s rich and famous.
Eiffel Tower
It doesn’t get much more romantic than gazing out across the city of love with your favourite person in the world. Maybe that’s the reason why hundreds of people drop down on one knee at the top of the tower each year. The dizzying heights and stunning views alone are enough to give anyone butterflies, but a meal at the magical ‘Le Jules Verne’ restaurant might just seal the deal.
Love Lock Bridge Paris
The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts is a pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River. Many couples have taken to attaching padlocks with their first names written or engraved on it to the railing or the grate on the side of the bridge, then throwing the key into the Seine river below, as a romantic gesture.
Muzej Orsaj
U mirnim danima na izmaku 19. veka, impresionisti su se trudili da ovekoveče lepotu na svojim slikama. Romantična lepota impresionizma i drugih pravaca oboriće vas s nogu u ovom muzeju koji predstavlja jednu od najblistavijih posveta modernoj umetnosti u svetu. Van Gogova “Zvezdana noć nad Ronom” deo je zadivljujuće kolekcije izložene u ovoj nekadašnjoj železničkoj stanici.
62 r Lille
Rue Montorgueil
Whether picking up groceries, a fresh bunch of flowers or just soaking up the ambiance, in Rue Montorgueil you’ll find some of the quaintest patisseries, shops and cafes in Paris. je pitao putnike

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You only have to be in Paris in the spring to find that your heart is lifted. The city of lifgt is a treat for every sense, and that means that life is better, and happy hearts love to love. Wander around Montmartre or the rive gauche and stop in an occasional bar for a glass of rose or champagne and the grey grimness of London or New York fades away, until walking hand in hand along the river seems not just delightful, but logical. Romance is never far away.
San Francisco Ballet did 3 weeks of performances at Le Chatelier. It was packed every night. Romantic, young people packing the theatre, drinking Champagne and kissing, feeling sexy and vibrant; then walking the streets, holding hands, gay and straight - everybody romantic and vibrant and in tune with the air, the beautiful buildings and Paris' great atmosphere and ambience. Romantic is an understatement!
How can an evening walk along the River Seine after an amazing meal sharing a fantastic wine at a sidewalk restaurant while listening to a street musician play his accordian NOT be romantic?
It's quite romantic to simply watch the Eiffel Tower with your loved one, or to lay down in the grass on the gardens surrounding the tower and spend the afternoon with your companion.
There's something incredible about walking around Paris in the rain with a partner. Walking, talking, drinking, and taking in all the sights and sounds of Paris.
just hearing the name, makes your heart pump faster :) the simplest way is to take a long walk at night by the river seine
There is always the little spark that makes Paris THE location... It can't be explained, it's just the little magnet that keeps me going back there. And if you come with someone close, I assure you that your experience will be unforgettable.
Just being there and sharing with your loved one the beautiful city all the landmarks, the sites it offers walking near the Senna river it takes you to a romantic atmosphere you have to live the experience.
Paris has a romantic vibe, couples (and tourists) everywhere. It is what you make of it, if your not romantic in nature you will probably struggle to be romantic here too.
Walking through the streets of Paris, hand-in-hand with a loved one proved to be a magical experience. And the wind and rain of February only added to the intimacy ;-)

Prednosti destinacije Pariz

Romantično putovanje
We recommend a visit to Parc des Buttes Chaumont in the 19th arrondissement. This park’s craggy cliffs, billowing meadows and waterfalls are delightful places to picnic. Pack some basic cutlery, buy some baguettes and cheese at the boulangeries and fromageries on Rue de Belleville, then find a spot to relax in tranquillity.