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Zanimljivosti Brecon

Bronllys Castle
Initially, this former Norman fortress seems compact, squashed into the property that once formed the baileys of the castle. The 80 foot tall masonry keep crowns a massive mound, the motte, and is still foreboding even in ruin, as it looms directly overhead and appears ready to topple over in your way.
Castell Dinas
At Castell Dinas there does not seem to be any doubt that the masonry construction of the castle occurred early in the Norman period. Indeed I would go so far as to suggest that its building would fit easiest into the period of conquest by William fitz Osbern in his campaign in Brycheiniog in the summer of 1070 and expansion by his son in the period 1071 to 1075. The castle would to an extent then have become obsolete with the building of Brecon Castle, the new fortress of Brecknock, in 1093.