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Nähtävää ja koettavaa Cardiff

Cardiffin linna
Who goes there? This castle has a highly unusual set of guards. An animal army of stone pumas, lions, wolves and even sea lions lines the walled perimeter. Above them, flags from every country in the world fly at full mast, like a banner-based love letter from Cardiff to the world. Go in for the guided tour and explore the posh apartments with trappings fit for kings.
Cardiff Casttle
St Fagans -linna
Located above the Ely River. It has a D shaped court which is surrounded by 13th Century wall that is 2m thick. kysyi matkailijoilta...

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Cardiff Castle is a conglomerate of several monuments - the roman portion is under excavation. the castle itself on the motte (hill) was nicely restored, the House, done in gothic fantasy was well restored and over the top with gaudy detail. Didn't go into the clock tower, that too was gaudy. Glad I went, it is a landmark.
I love going around the Castles in Cardiff, Castle Coch is beautiful and unique in design and location, whilst Cardiff Castle in the centre of the city is truly amazing, with the architecture both interior and exterior breath-taking and brings to life how people lived then.
Cardiff Castle well worth seeing - Victorian Gothic rooms were splendid. Llandaff Cathedral well worth a visit - lovely village setting, interesting art and sculpure, medieval and modern.
The Castle is ancient but was altered substantially in the 19th century. Not as amazing as Caerphilly or Harlech, but a good starter castle.
Cardiff castle is very restored, as Castle Coch (20 min by bus from Cardiff) and Caerphilly Castle (40 min from Cardiff)
Take a drive out to Coch Castle, only 15 mins from Cardiff, well worth a visit
100% restored. After gate entry option for additional tour of clock tower.
Incredible tour and Welsh Banquet at the Cardiff Castle!
The main castle is very well restored but a bit pricey
Cardiff Castle is a must see destination.