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Romantiškieji viešbučiai mieste Cardigan

Daugiau nei 1 milijonas žmonių praeitą mėnesį nurodė, kad rekomenduotų svetainę savo šeimai ir draugams.

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Ką nuveikti Cardigan

Newcastle Emlyn Castle
The time-worn remains of this castle, on a picturesque, grassy site overlooking a loop on the River Teifi, were once inhabited by, amongst others, Sir Rhys ap Thomas, friend of Henry VII. It would be hard to imagine a more serene setting than this, and one is not surprised to find that it was once intended as a county seat rather than a military post. Yet it had its share of excitement in the Civil War, when held for the king and blown up with gunpowder at the close of the struggle. There are remnants of some of the walls and the ruins of the gate. It is significant as the only native Welsh castle to be built in stone in this part of Wales.
Cardigan Castle
The castle's earliest history is quite confusing. Sources refer to a motte castle built here as early as 1093, probably by the Norman, Roger de Montgomery. More than likely though, the original earth and timber castle was built at a separate location, not at the edge of the modern city, but about 1 mile to the west. Remnants of this earliest structure have survived on property called Old Castle Farm. paklausė keliautojų...

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