Szukasz idealnego miejsca na wyjazd? Użytkownicy ocenili miasto Carlisle jako bardzo dobre.

Romantyczne hotele w mieście Carlisle

Ponad milion osób powiedziało w zeszłym miesiącu, że poleciłoby rodzinie i znajomym.

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Czy zamki w mieście Carlisle są dobrze zachowane?

Carlisle Castle is intact with excellent displays about the part it played in the Scottish border wars, but the Army still uses part of the grounds and some areas are off-limits. Nearby Brougham Castle is an evocative ruin, but you are able to climb most of the way up the tower and the interpretative info is fascinating.
The castle is great and the guidebook is worth the £3. All the staff are very enthusiastic and fun to talk to. We saw the military re-enactment camps and drills whilst we were there - very entertaining :)
Te castle is in pretty good condition. parts of the castle is home for a modern day regiment.
Part of the castle is still being used by the military, not many can say that!
Well preserved and top maintenance
In good condition
Pretty good.