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Hoteles románticos en Stirling

En el último mes, más de 1 millón de personas dijo que recomendaría a sus amigos y familiares.

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Qué hacer en Stirling

Castillo de Stirling
Stirling Castle has played a key role in Scottish history, dominating the North-South and East-West routes through Scotland. The battles of Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn were fought in its shadow and Mary Queen of Scots lived here as a child. Marvellous Renaissance architecture and interpretive displays
Castle Wynd preguntó a los viajeros...

¿Están bien conservados los castillos de Stirling?

El castillo de Stirling merece la pena una visita, pero no os olvidéis del castillo de Doune, sobre todo si sois admiradores de los Monthy Python, está muy cerca.
Si, esta bien conservado pues está restaurado. pero merece lapena verlo
You can stay at Broomhall Castle at Menstries Stirling Castle was awesome but take the time to see it all. Has been restored beautifully and sympathetically. Smaller but good alternative (also slightly cheaper and more accessible) than Edinburgh Castle. MUST SEE: Tapestry workshop. Loads of castles within short driving distance including Doune (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
Stirling Castle was very big and had very elaborate exhibitions for visitors. A small renovation on the exterior grounds going on, but did not disrupt my visit at all. The Stirling Heads were fabulous, whole place kept me entertained for over 4 hours, very much worth the price!
The castles and other noble buildings were very well restored, and gave a very well impression of how it used to be.
Good, with great history telling about the battle with the English
Habe not been in castle but outside grounds are lovely
Stirling Castle has been splendidly restored.
sympathetically restored