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Romantični hoteli u gradu Trim

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Zanimljivosti Trim

Trim Castle
Trim Castle, the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, was constructed over a thirty-year period by Hugh de Lacy and his son Walter. Hugh de Lacy was granted the Liberty of Meath by King Henry II in 1172 in an attempt to curb the expansionist policies of Richard de Clare, (Strongbow). Construction of the massive three storied Keep, the central stronghold of the castle, was begun c. 1176 on the site of an earlier wooden fortress. This massive twenty-sided tower, which is cruciform in shape, was protected by a ditch, curtain wall and moat.
Castle Street
Sheep's Gate
The last remaining gate in a ruined section of the town walls which were built by Geoffrey de Geneville, who occupied Trim Castle during its hey-day in the second half of the 13th century. Access by permission only.
Talbot Castle
Built in 1415, the basement of the castle is believed to be an adapted remnant of the Abbey of St Mary. Access by permission only. je pitao putnike

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the tour through castle was very worthwhile. restoration allowed us to go inside and up the tower
King Johns castle is well worth a visit,, it was used in the film Braveheart
Good not to much so you get the feeling right
Trim castle is great & Tour guide excellent