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Više od 1 milijun korisnika tijekom prošlog mjeseca navelo je da bi preporučili svojoj obitelji i prijateljima.

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Aktivnosti Reykjavík

Northern Lights Viewing Cruise
Want to boost your chances of catching the Northern Lights? One way is to leave the artificial glow of the city behind you and escape to sea. Down by the Old Harbour, you’ll find cruise companies willing to whisk you across Faxaflói Bay in search of that fleeting glimmer of green light. Check their websites beforehand for updates on the weather and all aurora activity.
Blue Lagoon
Far away from the big-city sparkle of Reykjavík, the night sky above the Blue Lagoon is primed for spotting the Northern Lights. You’ll need patience and a bit of luck, but there’s no better place to while away the time than Iceland’s most famous geothermal bath. Its rejuvenating waters and silica mud masks alone are worth a visit.
Aurora Reykjavík Northern Lights Center
You don’t need clear skies to experience the wonder of the Northern Lights at this museum. Thanks to its HD film theatre and interactive exhibits, visitors can view amazing images while learning about the science behind this natural phenomenon. You’ll also hear the cultural history of how humans have interpreted this otherworldly apparition over time.
Northern Lights Mystery Tour
The science behind the Northern Lights may not be a mystery, but the aurora’s elusive nature makes it hard to predict. Cold weather, clear skies and a savvy guide go some way towards capturing that ephemeral dance of electrons in the night sky. Hop on this bus tour to chase the ethereal wisps of light around the lunar-like landscape of southwest Iceland. je pitao putnike...

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Tours operate that take you to see the Northern Lights and on these tours if it's clear you can also see the stars and one or two planets.
Not sure. It was mostly cloudy.
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Polarna svjetlost
If you're arriving at night by plane, you're in luck – the 45 minute drive from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik is across an empty terrain that's free of light pollution, giving you the best chance to see the lights dazzling across the night sky.