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Više od 1 milijun korisnika tijekom prošlog mjeseca navelo je da bi preporučili svojoj obitelji i prijateljima.

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Aktivnosti Sankt Peterburg

Ligovsky Prospekt Area
Generations of history pulse through Ligovsky Prospekt. Contrasts abound on this central avenue, with ostentatious imperial mansions standing alongside some of Saint Petersburg’s first factories. Today most of the area has been spruced up and gentrified, but a wander around the surrounding lanes and courtyards provides a taste of local life from days gone by.
Vasilievsky Island
Saint Petersburg’s historic grandeur lives on in Vasilievsky Island. Separated from the mainland by the River Neva, the island is a beacon of elegant architecture, imperial palaces and celebrated museums. After a saunter along its atmospheric tree-lined avenues, head to the riverfront to soak up views of the Winter Palace across the water.
Griboyédov Club
This landmark Saint Petersburg club is a leading light of the city’s ‘underground’ scene – quite literally, since it was built in a Soviet-era bunker. Open since 1996, these days Griboyédov is a cultural hub with an inclusive atmosphere. There’s a popular restaurant upstairs, while the basement’s eclectic agenda covers everything from DJ sets and live gigs to art exhibitions, lectures and banquets.
Mihajlovski dvorac
Saint Michael's Castle je pitao putnike...

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It's a great mixture of Amsterdam and Venice, still being a big city. If you'll have a chance to have a romantic party on the roof of historical building with the view on Neva - definitely go for it.

Prednosti grada 'Sankt Peterburg'

The grandeur of St Petersburg gives the city a real historic ambiance, with stunning architecture at every turn. The magnificence of the Winter Palace, once the official residence of the Russian tsars, has to be seen to be believed, while the Grand Palace is where you'll find acres of lush green gardens.