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Romantyczne hotele w Miami Beach

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Open your mind. You can't spark a burnt out flame if you don't want to take the time and patience to gather the right materials and use your skills. Of course money can impress your lover, however in Miami I personally wouldn't go that route. It's all about "off the beaten trail" - plan a day with no plans. You can prepare by getting on Google and making a list of options for the day. On the list: - Oasis Cafe in Key Biscayne (Cuban Style) share a pastry and get a small Cuban coffee - they will give you two tiny plastic cups to share the coffee, sit outside and talk about whatever! Keep the cell phones away unless you are taking pictures - Rent bikes for 30 minutes to an hour and cruise down Pennsylvania Ave. Relax, go slow, admire the architecture, ride next to each other, stop at any and every little destination, Men- admire your woman hair blowing in the wind, take a picture while she's not looking (Don't crash lol) Couples- Whoever is used to taking charge, let the other take control of what street to turn down, and make uplifting comments about their small decisions. It's the *little things* - Go to a late dinner. Pick each others outfits - this won't be hard considering YOU packed things that YOU like, so at least you won't be stuck in something you hate - but you know your significant other thinks you look AMAZING! Most restaurants close around 12am-2am. Go an hour before they close, and if there is outdoor seating pick a spot away from everyone else. Instead of ordering two separate entrees, why not pick 3-4 appetizers and share everything - more intimate that way. Choose foods that are an aphrodisiac. Be cheesy - feed each other, if you think it's corny, have a drink and lighten up. You won't feel corny later on :) - Rent a beach tent: prepare by bringing a BIG beach towel or a sheet to lay inside the tent, stop at a convenience store and buy one of those silver cooler bags, fill it up with drinks, fruit, whatever you like. Get your fav. take out or fast food and bring it to the beach! Make sure you have a nice big beach bag so that you can carry everything. Chill in the beach tent together to cool off once in awhile, super private and will deff make for great stories! Bring enough drinks and magazines to keep you occupied but also enjoy each others company. Stay on the beach until 6-7pm. Use your beach tent as your little beach hut for the day :)