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The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, as well as a thriving beach culture at Copacabana and Ipanema Beach. The city’s vibrant energy culminates in its carnivalesque nightlife, while the nearby mountains offer a quiet jungle retreat.

You can understand why many assume Rio de Janeiro to be Brazil’s capital when you experience the buzz of the city. Take the Cosme Velho cable car to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain or admire the views from Christ the Redeemer before heading to Copacabana beach. Here, you’ll find locals playing beach football and sunbathing throughout the year. But perhaps the best time to visit Rio is in the weeks before Ash Wednesday – the time of the famous Rio Carnival. Alternatively, if samba isn’t your thing, Copacabana’s Bip Bip bar plays live bossa nova daily, while Bar Do Gomez serves ice-cold draught beers and the traditional sugarcane spirit known as cachaca.

The architecture of Rio often goes unnoticed but you’ll find many gems dotted around the city. Head to Largo de Boticano for neocolonial design or the 19th-century Parque Lage to gain a historical insight into old-time Brazil. The Museum of the Future highlights South America’s next generation of architects while the imposing Maracanã Stadium squeezes in over 100,000 football fans.


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Local currency R$ 10 = $2
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Average stay 2 nights

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We loved Rio de Janeiro, and stayed in Copacabana.

May 23, 2023

We loved Rio de Janeiro, and stayed in Copacabana. Felt safe, and went everywhere during the day and night. Walked in all areas around Copacabana, small shops and restaurants. We went to most tourism-based services. The museums were extraordinarily good. The Metro works great as well as the old downtown district trolleys. People are happy, joyful, the music is enthusiastic and dynamic. Don´t miss out on this lovely city in South America.


As long one is in right the mind set, Rio is “safe” and as...

April 17, 2023

As long one is in right the mind set, Rio is “safe” and as so many things to do ! Just make sure you know what kind of vacation you want. Relax, party, cultural, because a mix of every thing takes at least two weeks.

Dinis Portugal

Rio is a must see city and we wish we had stayed longer.

April 16, 2023

Rio is a must see city and we wish we had stayed longer. It was the last stop on a South American cruise. Although it was fall, it was hot and then rainy. We did a private all day tour to see Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf and other sites. We had time to see many of the tourist attractions. We should have given ourselves several days to enjoy the beach life on Copacabana where we stayed.

Jeannie United States of America

Started with the most disgusting hotel ever Wyndham Barra...

April 15, 2023

Started with the most disgusting hotel ever Wyndham Barra (Hotel from Hell) which ruined and waisted 1 day of my family’s holiday as rooms weren’t appropriate for living (health & safety) specially with my husband & daughter suffering from asthma due to mouldy rooms that we were stayed!! Even though with previous complaints as they took no notice just replaced the rooms with even worse!!! Extremely stressful and waisted our day holiday to get out of Wyndham and find another suitable hotel for my family sake.

Soraia Lukaszczyk
Soraia Lukaszczyk United Kingdom

Amazing City .

April 12, 2023

Amazing City . Certainly room for improvement in infrastructure and management but a must visit city . So much to offer . Sightseeing , music and gastronomy. All the beaches are different . Ipanema has to be my favourite although Copacabana is a close second . Botanical Gardens , Sugar Loaf mountain , Christ , the Bank of Brazil building , all the churches , Lapa , Maracanã stadium , mariners Island , theatre , Vargas Palace and gardens , too many things to mention but all really beautiful and certainly none a waste of time .

Andrew United Kingdom

It is a wonderful place to stay and most hotels in...

April 8, 2023

It is a wonderful place to stay and most hotels in Copacabana are great, also in the older parts of the city! Uber and 99 are very cheap, secure and will take you anywhere very fast. There many simple restaurants with excellent food, stay away from tourist spots. Too expensive and usually not worth it. The hotel can guide you.


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