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High rise buildings and a criss-cross of streets, Santiago is a portrait of a pulsing metropolis framed by the mighty Andes. The capital of Chile has something for everyone – be it history, culture, food or adventure.

The journey to explore Santiago begins from the central square of the city, known as the Plaza de Armas. This historical place was once used for public executions but has now become a popular place to relax. Surrounded by historical and cultural landmarks like the Royal Court Palace and the Metropolis Cathedral, you can travel back in time with a visit to the National Museum of Natural History located in the Royal Court Palace. Later, you can stop at the Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral to view its ornate frescoes.

Owing to its coastal location, Santiago has a thriving fishing industry and a variety of seafood dishes to offer. From razor clams, crab and lobster pies to eel soup and sea urchin, Chilean cuisine provides a varied platter of seafood. You can try Sopa Patagonica, a soup with pork, mixed with shrimp and mussels served with Chilean potatoes. If seafood is not your thing, then try ordering a parrillada – a skillet full of meat including chicken sausages, bacon and steak.

A small distance away from Santiago lies Valle Nevado, a skiing spot in the heart of the Andes. Whether you're a pro at skiing or a beginner, you'll find something for your level. This location offers hiking and biking options during the summer months.


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Santiago itself is basically a big city, and at this time of...

June 2, 2022

Santiago itself is basically a big city, and at this time of year it is quite polluted - you can see the tick haze as your plane comes in. The central part is relatively easy to get around, especially in the vicinity of the metro line. The city has seen quite a few demonstrations this year, with a major (and positive) change of national government. Most tourists would get around by taxi or metro, but be aware Santiago drivers are typically aggressive and fast, and do not feel particularly safe. If getting a taxi from the airport, go through the 'official' desks on arrival as there are apparently many touts and you may feel mobbed once you leave arrivals. At present face masks are still compulsory in places like shops, public transport, and as you go into a restaurant (but not once you've sat down!). You will need to show your 'MeVacuno' pass to enter a restaurant or some other premises, and may well have your temperature taken. The pass is checked in most places I went into in Santiago, unlike the other part of the country I went to on this trip (Punta Arenas).

Peter United Kingdom

Santiago is a city that offers a wide variety of restaurants...

March 29, 2022

Santiago is a city that offers a wide variety of restaurants and culture. Nevertheless it should be seen as a place from where to keep travelling to other areas of Chile. 4 days in Santiago are enough. The mountains, the beaches, the desert, the lakes, forests and glaciers are waiting for you.

Pamela France

Stay out of Chile until they lift Covid restrictions and...

February 22, 2022

Stay out of Chile until they lift Covid restrictions and civil unrest settles down. Even when we jumped through all the hoops to get the mobility pass and c19 we were detained and not allowed entry. They took my passport and treated me like a criminal because There was a typo on the one of our lab tests. I lost about 10,000 usd because everything you book is not refundable, as well as a year on naïve planning thinking it would go smoothly if I crossed my t’s and did all their requirements. I have friends who went on a different trip and were car jacked and detained in a beetle infested compound there trying to leave Santiago from a typo on one of their tests . It’s just not worth the risk!!!!go to Argentina instead or just wait till things settle down. Worse trip ever!

Teresa United States of America

I lived here for 15 years and really liked the city.

February 15, 2022

I lived here for 15 years and really liked the city. The Providencia area feels pretty much back to normal, but the city centre is a disaster. The protests of the last couple of years and the Covid restrictions have decimated the city. It's really a shame. Most of the stores along the Alemada have closed and everything's covered in graffiti. The Paseo Ahumada has turned into a campground for the homeless and a playground for the gangs of 'lancers'. In places where it used to be easy to flag a taxi it's now difficult to find one, as the drivers are afraid of being robbed, so stay away. The government has decided that not putting police in the streets limits the violence that was prevalent during the riots, so the delinquents rule. The best advice for tourists is to stay away.

Kenneth Canada

I personally don't like Santiago de Chile.

February 2, 2022

I personally don't like Santiago de Chile. Chile has so many great and lovely places and small cities, but Santiago is "just another big city" with all its smog and crime. If you want to experience Chile go to Patagonia or Atacama and the more rural sites, that's the country and a great experience.

kueppi81 Germany

The city looks dirty and dilapidated.

January 3, 2022

The city looks dirty and dilapidated.Some sectors as central station, downtown and the approach to Pudahuel look depressing.More like afrika or central america places that I have visited.There are inmmigrants squatting along avenues and streets.They live,sleep,cook,urinate and carry on giving a damn about Us Chileans..Good Heavens.

Anonymous Chile

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