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The historical city of Dresden is the traditional capital of Saxony. Much of this German city has been reconstructed since the Second World War, and it now stands as a monument of German history, culture and architecture.

A visit to Dresden is incomplete without a tour of the Neumarkt – where one of the city’s oldest churches, Frauenkirche, is located. This building was completely destroyed after the 1945 bombings but was reestablished in 2005. A walk through the art museum of Albertinum will acquaint you with Dresden's magnificent art history. Featuring works from the Romantic period to the present day, Albertinum is a national treasure.

Often called the Venice of Germany, Dresden boasts some of the architectural gems of the country. The Zwinger Palace, an example of baroque architecture used for courtly activities in the 18th century, is a palace complex featuring numerous sculptures with a magnificent art gallery inside. The Semperoper is a spectacular opera house whose exterior is reminiscent of Early Renaissance and Baroque styles. Its semi-circular gallery seats over a thousand viewers.

Dresden’s Neustadt, or new district, is located on the right bank of the Elbe and was restored after a deadly 18th-century fire. From art galleries and vintage stores to lively bars and clubs, this part of Dresden has plenty to offer to its visitors. An interesting site here is the Kunsthofpassage, which is a line of courtyards with whimsical designs. Hof der Elemente, a tourist magnet with uniquely-shaped drain pipes, is also located here.


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A beautiful city, lots of historic buildings and very...

August 12, 2022

A beautiful city, lots of historic buildings and very friendly locals. This city is twined with my home city Coventry and wanted to visit for a long time the tree days we were there we only got to visit around 30% of what I had planned due to so much to see and do.

Lord Steve
Lord Steve United Kingdom

I lived in Dresden from 1994 (when the Frauenkirche was only...

August 7, 2022

I lived in Dresden from 1994 (when the Frauenkirche was only a pile of ruined stones and boulders) till 2008 (after it had been rebuilt and rededicated). The Neumarkt has been redone since then, both the Altstadt and the Neustadt are very attractive, the Saechsische Schweiz is at one's door. The stay revived many memories, the changes were all very, very nice, shopping was good, and restaurants both in the Altstadt and in Neustadt were very good. We must and will return.

Peter Germany

We were cycling from Prague to Dreden and we wanted to go to...

August 6, 2022

We were cycling from Prague to Dreden and we wanted to go to the North, but my husband was not doing so well and we decidet to stay two days in Dresden. The people are not always very polite. I hope we are more willing to help in Slovenia.

Renata Slovenia

Compared to other major cities in Germany, Dresden is a...

August 4, 2022

Compared to other major cities in Germany, Dresden is a clean place. Saxons are friendly people. Lots and lots of (new) historical buildings. Graphity is rare. Nicely rebuilt after the city was completly annihilated by British and American bombers in retaliation.

JoeWeasel Germany

Beautiful city, old buildings all rebuilt after being...

August 2, 2022

Beautiful city, old buildings all rebuilt after being destroyed in the war. Incredible museums, especially the Zwinger and the Albertinum. Did not get to see the "Gruenes Gewoelbe" due to the crowds unfortunately since that is supposed to have incredible treasures. All in all, beautiful city at the river Elbe. Get used to the darkened (black) sand stone buildings.


Beautiful landmarks everywhere, pretty accesible with lots...

July 19, 2022

Beautiful landmarks everywhere, pretty accesible with lots of means of transportation, also pretty easy to walk. The only thing I didn't liked were the street performers around Altmarkt. They all played the same 7 popular songs, always making sure they played at least 3 times "halleluya" by Jeff berkley in a lapse of 2 hours. I think I wont be able to hear again this song without convulsing anymore.

Youko Mexico

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