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Old meets new in Egypt's capital city. While the sprawling cityscape straddling the Nile river continues to grow, there's no ignoring the ancient monuments looming in the distance – a constant reminder of Egypt's origins. The dry desert climate helps protect Cairo's centuries-old pyramids in the Giza Necropolis, which include the only still-standing Wonder of the Ancient World. Nearby, the iconic Sphinx statue has been standing guard since 2,500 BCE. You'll find smaller pieces of history inside the Egyptian Museum, which contains one of the world's largest collections of Pharaonic antiquities.

Pharaohs aren't the only ones that left an indelible mark on Cairo. The medieval Cairo Citadel commands Islamic Cairo, a UNESCO-listed neighbourhood home to one of the densest concentrations of historic Islamic architecture anywhere. Al-Azhar Mosque and Al-Hussein Mosque, both built by Fatimid caliphs between the tenth and 12th centuries, are two highlights. Coptic Cairo, in contrast, remains a hub for Christianity with its churches and convents. The city's energy is most palpable in downtown Cairo, home to skyscrapers and street food stalls serving koshari – Egypt's national dish. At Cairo's heart is Tahrir Square, where political and social demonstrations continue to shape the modern city.

Head to the top of Cairo Tower for sweeping views of neighbourhoods old and new, where you might get to hear the call to prayer over the rooftops. You can also take a piece of Cairo home with you after a visit to the Khan el-Khalili bazaar, which sells everything from spices to perfumes.


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Average weekend price $100 per night
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Average stay 2 nights

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Flew in from the US for 2 weeks with 8 days in the south and...

June 26, 2022

Flew in from the US for 2 weeks with 8 days in the south and 2 days in Alexandria. 4 days in Cairo was OK, used Uber a lot as street signs impossible to read. Adjusted well to time zone change enjoyed the sphinx/pyramids, NMEC, Egyptian Museum and also saw Saqqara, Market,Hanging Church and Citadel.

Zachary United States of America

my trip to cairo was really good took my children on river...

June 15, 2022

my trip to cairo was really good took my children on river nile cruise which they really enjoyed the pharaonic museum was educational for the young ones zoo was really good as we payed extra to take pictures close to animals. city star is good for food clothes stayed in four season on nile it was lovely weather was the best lovely breeze at night

Muhammad United Kingdom

It is great city to visit.

June 12, 2022

It is great city to visit. I have visited only Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Old Egyptian museum and Souk Khan-el-Khalili. All of them we can cover in a day. Just watch Mohammad Ali mosque, new Egyptian museum and Citadel while passing by in the car. Probably another day would have allowed us to visit them. But due to our flight cancellation from JFK has shorten our visit by one day, so we could not cover all of them. You must visit Souk Khan-el-Khalili to buy souvenirs. We could feel love and warmth of Egyptian people toward India and Indians. Great country to visit.

Rupesh Kumar
Rupesh Kumar United States of America

Cairo is chaos, and I love it, but you have to be ready for...

June 12, 2022

Cairo is chaos, and I love it, but you have to be ready for it. The city is loud, dirty, and crowded, but in exchange you get access to some of the most impressive historic sites humanity has to offer. Use Uber to get around and you won't have to haggle with cab drivers over prices. "La shukran" means "no thank you" and "khallas" means "enough." Be prepared to say both a lot as people endlessly try to sell you things. Even though many people may be trying to make a buck off of you, Egyptians are still incredibly friendly and welcoming and want visitors to enjoy their time in Egypt. Don't be so guarded in your interactions that you can't appreciate your time there, but also remember that if someone says something is a gift when they give it to you, it's a near 100% certainty that they will ask for a gift (aka cash) in return. Go to the sites as early as humanly possible. If you can be there before the gates officially open, you will beat the worst of the day's heat, and also the majority of the crowds that arrive by the bus load within the first couple hours of their opening. Haggle for all souvenirs. Start your price at 10% of what you're quoted and try not to pay more than 25-50% of the initial asking price. Don't drink the water, but do eat the street food. Pharmacies are plentiful if you do end up getting sick.

Zachary United States of America

Good if you seek history and all of this stuff, attractions...

June 12, 2022

Good if you seek history and all of this stuff, attractions and museum. But otherwise nothing about Egyptian culture, traditions. Very dirty and full of people asking for money. I would say Cairo is just a business thats all.

Alin United Kingdom

I liked everything about Cairo.

June 11, 2022

I liked everything about Cairo. It has a high energy to it. So much history and so many things to see and do, including Old Cairo, souks, amazing ancient buildings and of course the pyramids. The people are friendly. When I smiled first, they always smiled back. And they have a sense of humour. I really enjoyed my stay there.

Anonymous Australia

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