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Old meets new in Egypt's capital city. While the sprawling cityscape straddling the Nile river continues to grow, there's no ignoring the ancient monuments looming in the distance – a constant reminder of Egypt's origins. The dry desert climate helps protect Cairo's centuries-old pyramids in the Giza Necropolis, which include the only still-standing Wonder of the Ancient World. Nearby, the iconic Sphinx statue has been standing guard since 2,500 BCE. You'll find smaller pieces of history inside the Egyptian Museum, which contains one of the world's largest collections of Pharaonic antiquities.

Pharaohs aren't the only ones that left an indelible mark on Cairo. The medieval Cairo Citadel commands Islamic Cairo, a UNESCO-listed neighbourhood home to one of the densest concentrations of historic Islamic architecture anywhere. Al-Azhar Mosque and Al-Hussein Mosque, both built by Fatimid caliphs between the tenth and 12th centuries, are two highlights. Coptic Cairo, in contrast, remains a hub for Christianity with its churches and convents. The city's energy is most palpable in downtown Cairo, home to skyscrapers and street food stalls serving koshari – Egypt's national dish. At Cairo's heart is Tahrir Square, where political and social demonstrations continue to shape the modern city.

Head to the top of Cairo Tower for sweeping views of neighbourhoods old and new, where you might get to hear the call to prayer over the rooftops. You can also take a piece of Cairo home with you after a visit to the Khan el-Khalili bazaar, which sells everything from spices to perfumes.


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Most popular time to visit October-December
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Language Arabic
Average weekend price $9 per night
Average weekday price $9 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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I really liked the Egyptian Pyramids, this special feeling...

June 5, 2023

I really liked the Egyptian Pyramids, this special feeling is unforgettable. The city is very dirty, there is a lot of garbage everywhere and a lot of stray dogs that wander the streets in search of food. The traffic in the city is very chaotic, no one wants to give up lines to anyone. markings on the road, it was very unusual for me to see such traffic

Viktoría  Lind
Viktoría Lind Iceland

For the first time in all the years visiting Cairo (we...

June 5, 2023

For the first time in all the years visiting Cairo (we travel once or twice a year) we were beyond disappointed. Taxi drivers trying to scam us all the time so we changed to using Uber that was much cheaper, better cars, great comfort, great price and good drivers. ALL the properties that we have booked through this trip was beyond bad, scamming by lying about their properties and what was offered. We had to pay for Superior King rooms but there were no such rooms. Photos advertised on is non existing and properties lied about their facilities and even about sea view when you looked directly into another old building. We were even told when a property's staff tried to scam us that refused to accept the cancellation. So to give an honest feedback this time we had to fight during every booking we made on this platform due to incorrect information and photos and services offered. Our opinion and conclusion is that do not care about the tiurist or traveler when it comes to feedback or requesting assistance. It is all about the money and too hell with the guest spending a lot of money payi g for a poir service that starts at NOT VERIFYING HOSTS INFORMATION!!!!!!! SO BOOKING.COM IS JUST AS GUILTY AS THE PROPERTIES IN FALSE ADVERTISING!

Esme South Africa

Very interesting City with a lot of History.

June 4, 2023

Very interesting City with a lot of History. When you want to take a taxi or take a tour, you really need to negotiate the price and understand what you are getting before accepting. People are very friendly.

Johnny United States of America

Foreign Travellers-GET A SIM CARD ASAP.

June 3, 2023

Foreign Travellers-GET A SIM CARD ASAP. Wifi is rarely avaliable anywhere. Preferred using Uber to get around to avoid negotiating with Taxis. Know that it takes 30mins to an hour to get anywhere. Always carry small change and toilet paper/ tissues. People with Scent allergies- Always carry your prescribed medicines and Bendryll. Many places use cheap sprays to mask smells and I couldn't breathe half my trip. Females- Bring feminine products (pads/Tampons ) very hard to find.

Nova Canada

Lovely place lots of attractions and places to visit...

May 30, 2023

Lovely place lots of attractions and places to visit friendly people. Had a fun time there would definitely recommend going. Favourite place was the khan al khalil shopping there was so much to see and buy. Food was its best on the Nile restaurants they were very nice. Getting around Cario is easy with Uber only you need to make sure you set your location right.


A true travel destination.

May 29, 2023

A true travel destination. The central station is atmospheric. The old cairo museum is world class and the new grand Egyption museum ( I was part of the soft launch) will be spectacular once its opened towards end of 2023. Crossing the busy roads is problematic. just try and cross with a local. There is a local bus to the city train station (ramesis sq) from the airport (bus tstaion is 15 mins walk or via the airport shuttle ) cost is 6 le which is aroung 20p takes an hour . The green buses G1 & G2 are also good if you download their app

joseph United Kingdom

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