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Cultures melt together in Barcelona, a lively metropolis of mesmerising architecture, medieval streets and top museums on the coast of Catalonia. Its most celebrated figure, Antoni Gaudí, takes all the credit for the city’s most outstanding monuments. From the twisting facade of stone-hewn Casa Milà to the monumental Sagrada Familia, the work of this world-famous architect can be found all over the city.

In the Gothic Quarter, you’ll find centuries-old tapas bars set among old haunts and a gargoyle-adorned cathedral. Fill up on staples like ground-beef stuffed croquettes and salt-cod fritters under this dramatic backdrop, and wash it all down with a glass of fruity Rioja. Nearby, an amble along the lively, tree-lined promenade of La Rambla will bring you to the coast, where the crowds start to thin out.

Find a slice of beach in Barceloneta or a shady patch of grass in Parc de la Ciutadella, and soak up the year-round sunshine. Alternatively, take a stadium tour of Camp Nou, or climb Carmel Hill for sweeping views and the iconic mosaics of Park Güell – another of Gaudí’s fantastical creations.


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I lived in Barcelona for 10 years.

19 July 2021

I lived in Barcelona for 10 years. It is a fantastic city with everything you might wish. Unfortunately the local government went crazy with Covid, so there are lots of really stupid and useless rules that don't better the situation but make it less fun. They were extremely successful in destroying local business (and still working on it), so that lots of beautiful little shops, good restaurants and bars simply don't exist anymore and you see a lot of empty shops and windows closed with roller blinds. The classic tourist points are still open and worthwhile a visit. In the hours where still permitted, the very international Barcelona locals live at full and happy for every little bit of freedom they get back. Criminality is rising, of course, as the administration is fully occupied with fighting the virus, and if not, with fighting against the enemy of Spain and blablaing about independence. Never (never!) wear an expensive watch or jewelry unless you take a taxi from one safe place to the other. Never put your mobile phone or purse in the pants pocket on your back or leave it on a table for a moment. Never hang your bag on the back of the chair (keep it on your lap). Always keep in touch with your bag on the beach, every moment. That sounds worse than in actually is. Unless you wear a eye-catching watch or proudly show the paper money you have with you,, robbery is non-violent with tricks (seeking to distract you with a stupid question and similar) and using opportunities (unattended things during a moment). But you must be careful all the time.

db_bcn Switzerland

We absolutely loved our stay.

13 July 2021

We absolutely loved our stay. The hotel accommodations and staff were wonderful. The location and surrounding area perfect. Sant Gervais is beautiful area full of shops, cafe's and gorgeous architecture. We are looking forward to our next trip and hope to stay in the same aparthotel.

Norma United States

Having been a few times, we were aware of the pickpockets...

28 June 2021

Having been a few times, we were aware of the pickpockets roaming the tourist areas. Seems like there’s more adult pickpockets versus the Gypsy kids this time. The city seem to be dirtier too than previous trips but I still love the people and the places we frequent for meals.

Minette United States

Very nice city.

19 June 2021

Very nice city. Good places to eat and visit. Should try Flax and Kale, La flauta, Honor good, you can eat also vegetarian. People rude, most of them are speaking loud and they are very careless on the street. I saw a lot of beggers, almost all over the place.

Andrusca123 Romania

Pack you bags and go to Barcelona.

8 May 2021

Pack you bags and go to Barcelona. Anytime you want, does not matter. Its weather is just one of the reasons for which this city is one of the most visited in Europe. Histroy, art at every corner, fantastic food, multiple options for spending your time (from sun tanning to hiking, fitness or yoga on the beach, museums, parks...the options are infinite!). Barcelona is much more than Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell. Let yourself get lost on the streets of Gracia. Find a place where waiters will now you, for a perfect brunch (and change it every day, as Barcelona is the heaven of food). Try una clara (lemon beer) then go back to the normal lager, at lunch. And treat yourself with all the beauty of the building that you can find literally everywhere. Go out from what is very turistical (of course, check those ones too, but don;t limit to them). Feel the city vibe and you will buy anotehr plane ticket soon afetr you left the Catalan city. Enjoy!

Andreea Romania

Best city in Spain.

8 June 2017

Best city in Spain. You can find mountains and see almost next to each other. The city contain a lot of sights, for example Sagrada Familia, Güel Park... Worth to explore it! The Hotels are quite expensive...You have to book a hotel/hostel in time (3-4 month before your trip).

Zsolt Hungary

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