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Imagine watching the blue waves of the sea with sand between your toes; walking along the palm-lined streets with stretches of rice fields by your side; relaxing in quiet jungle retreats and shopping in energetic local markets. All of these experiences packaged together can be found in a village on the coast of Bali, Canggu.

Canggu is a destination that offers something for all travellers. One of the best things to do here is to sit back, sip a cocktail and relax at one of the many black-sand beaches of the place. Test the waves of the sea by bringing out your surfboards at Berawa Beach. You can learn to or practice yoga here, or unwind with an Indonesian massage. A Canggu visit is incomplete without a trip to the iconic Tanah Lot. Perched on a rock, this temple holds immense cultural importance and is an ideal location for a photoshoot.

Canggu is famous for its delectable local foods as well as its varied global cuisine. Enchant your taste buds with the mixed flavours of Balinese nasi campur (mixed rice) featuring grilled chicken, beef curry along with sambals at Denpasar's Warung Wardani. Spicy fish satay or lilit ikan is charcoal grilled to perfection and is a fine balance of spicy and sweet. Indonesia's all-time favourite, Nasi goreng (fried rice) also needs to be on your list. Topped with a fried egg and served with chicken or beef satay, this dish has the heart of millions of food lovers.


From $17 per night

This weekend

From $26 per night

Next weekend

From $17 per night

Most popular time to visit October-December
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency Rp 1,000,000 = $66.80
Language Indonesian
Average weekend price $5 per night
Average weekday price $8 per night
Average stay 3 nights

Canggu reviews

What other travelers say about Canggu


Canggu is a busy busy area in 2023 filled with tourists,...

January 29, 2023

Canggu is a busy busy area in 2023 filled with tourists, surfers with motorcycles running up and down the tiny streets at any given time of day but that's part of it's charm i guess. If you can deal with traffic, then Canggu is for you. The beautiful restaurants and nightlife on offer is what you are there for and more than makes up for the cons.

Arnold Malaysia

This is among the best place I've stayed in Bali.

January 27, 2023

This is among the best place I've stayed in Bali. The deco, a mixture of industrial modern with classic, the ambience, the facilities, location, the staff, all of these make it a great choice for traveler. It's close to everything in Canggu, lots of nice cafes just a foot away! I feel at home here.

Azalerry Malaysia

I was close to the beach, there was some beach volleyball in...

January 18, 2023

I was close to the beach, there was some beach volleyball in the afternoon, some nice, fancy beachbars were in walking distance, there was even a local shopping centre with lots of interesting things, I liked it and would have spend two or more days if I had the time...

Wooloomooloo Australia
Wooloomooloo Australia Germany

In my opinion Canggu is overrated.

January 5, 2023

In my opinion Canggu is overrated. It's over priced for what it is. Yes, there are plenty of nice shops, really good restaurants and cool bars that serve craft beer, but you pay normal western prices for it. If I want that can just do it at home. The beach is not all that nice, with dark sand and full of plastic. For a true south east asian experience you can walk down the beach to the "non fancy" beach bars and get cheap beer and local food, which is, in my opinion, a more authentic bali experience. I did enjoy Canggu, and I can see the appeal. After all, I had some fantastic meals there, but it was expensive, and not really what I wanted from Bali.

Phillip United Kingdom

There is loads of cafes/ restaurant's, shops,...

January 3, 2023

There is loads of cafes/ restaurant's, shops, massage places etc. It's just the whole area needs a clean up. Pavements are very uneven and dangerous, not good for older people! When we were there the beach was under water, due to bad weather.

Anonymous Cyprus

Great restaurants nearby, lots of options from local food,...

January 2, 2023

Great restaurants nearby, lots of options from local food, international to specific like Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, fusion restaurant. One thing is just the traffic is bad, so if you are visiting places but you want to stay here, please be mindful of timing to leave the facility

Hari Indonesia

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