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The planet's most northerly capital offers boundless history, culture and Icelandic charm. Most streets are filled with multi-hued houses which add splashes of colour all over the city. Reykjavik's compactness means it's easy to explore on foot, with a variety of cosy cafés and restaurants serving up traditional dishes like Brauðsúpa – delicious soup poured into a hollowed out loaf of bread.

You can explore the city's Viking origins at The Settlement Exhibition, where ancient ruins combine with digital technology. Other main sights include the towering Hallgrímskirkja Church and the National Museum, which tells the story of the country's foundations and unique culture.

A huge number of excursions run from the city to help travellers experience the best things to do outside of the capital. These include the famous geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, spectacular ice caves, geysers and giant waterfalls.

The main airport is located 50 km outside the city at Keflavik, with many arriving or departing travellers taking a dip in the nearby Blue Lagoon.


From £87 per night

This weekend

From £166 per night

Next weekend

From £127 per night

Most popular time to visit June–August
Cheapest time to visit November–January
Local currency € 10 = £8.58
Language Icelandic
Average weekend price £135 per night
Average weekday price £134 per night
Typical stay 2 nights

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We enjoyed a walking tour of the city's central area.

15 September 2021

We enjoyed a walking tour of the city's central area. We could get around easily by walking or short taxi rides. Tours or a rental car are necessary to see all the beautiful attractions away from the city. Reykjavik is an attractive city with quaint to modern architecture. There are opportunities for shopping for genuine Icelandic items. There are good restaurants, from every day and traditional eats to posh establishments. People are very courteous. Crime seems almost nonexistent. We felt totally safe out on the streets at night.

Omar United States

Four nights in Reykjavik were a little too much.

14 September 2021

Four nights in Reykjavik were a little too much. We did the Golden Circle tour one day and could have done another one but we opted not to. Visited the Blue Lagoon upon arriving to Iceland then went to our accomodation after. The main street was lovely but really just need a day and a half or so of it. Next visit to Iceland will be spend exploring more of the island and what it has to offer. Also, a must is to visit Braudog & co, the most delicious bakery ever.

Paulina United States

Parking can be difficult.

7 September 2021

Parking can be difficult. The lot adjacent charges for parking until 6pm. If you park there, it needs to be moved by 9am. They only have a small amount of free parking along the backside of the hotel, first come basis. Lively bar and hot tub. Good energy. Breakfast is great, loved the homemade granola bars and coffee!


Reykjavik is a very nice small city with many restaurants,...

6 September 2021

Reykjavik is a very nice small city with many restaurants, art displayed on buildings and streets and many natural wonders in close proximity. But be aware prices in Iceland are very high compared to most other cities/countries. Other than reasonable tour prices everything else is very expensive.

Adam United States

Reykjavik is a great city with many amenities.

31 August 2021

Reykjavik is a great city with many amenities. It may be smaller to other cities of the world, but it has wonderful local food scene. The people are enthusiastic about their city. Shops, bakeries and museums are there to entertain. We found sitting outside and soaking in (no pun, but it does rain a lot) the local scene was worth it. The scenery is beautiful and every changing based on the weather. The harbor added another variety. Give this city some time, as it is worth it.

Tracey United States

Good start to weeklong stay.

24 August 2021

Good start to weeklong stay. Easy access to transport and activities and tourist info to launch my stay. Good mix of affordable options and luxury. Points of interest for all ages, travel styles, budgets. Easy, comfortable and safe for solo (female) traveller.

Kathleen United States

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