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Famed by being the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is also the capital of Italy's Tuscany region and considered a powerhouse of culture, architecture and the arts.

The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you never have to look far for things to do. The Uffizi Gallery is home to masterpieces like The Birth of Venus and Primavera by Sandro Boticelli, as well as Titian's Venus of Urbino, while the Accademi Gallery is home to Michelangelo's David and the unfinished 'Slaves'. If you're treating yourself to an extended stay in Florence, other notable museums worth visiting include the Bargello, the Gucci Garden and the former palace of the famous Medici family.

In the old town's centre, you'll find the city's wonderful cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (also known as Duomo di Firenze) and Giotto's Tower, providing a 360-degree view of Florence. You should also stop off at Mercato Central while you're out and about to sample some Florentine cuisine. It's the city's oldest and largest food market, packed with fresh produce, as well as a bookshop and cookery school. You can sample anything from tripe panini and pasta to gelato and Florentine steak.

Florence's Amerigo Vespucci airport is located close to the city centre, with a taxi or bus ride taking around 15 minutes.


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Typical stay 2 nights

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We spent 2 days in Florence on our way back from Tuscany.

15 September 2021

We spent 2 days in Florence on our way back from Tuscany. We certainly could have used at least 1-2 more. We hired a guide who was great and tailored our day to us to include seeing the statue of David, the Domo, and shopping!


Florence is a beautiful city, with a ton to see.

27 August 2021

Florence is a beautiful city, with a ton to see. There are several affordable food options, and despite it's small size, there is a lot to do and all of it is within walking distance from wherever you are staying. The Views from the Piazza overlooking the city are exceptional, and it usually quite lively throughout the day, evening, and night. I highly recommend a visit. The only thing I would caution people about are the people trying to sell you things on the street as they walk around trying to ambush tourists. If you know how to deal with them it is not a big issue, but they try to give you things for free and then tell you a story trying to guilt trip you into giving them money. If you are firm with them, it is not a big issue, but I did see several people get caught in their traps.

Adam United States

Florence in summer is very full.

27 August 2021

Florence in summer is very full. The sights are amazing but you have to go very early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Many Italian cities have this problem, but Florence is one of the worst. Rome is much bigger and the crowds distribute better. The nightlife in Florence is just amazing! Going out for dinner or drinks in the evening is one of the best experiences I had during my 2 week trip through Italy. There is now even gluten-free pizza available in some restaurants!

kafri Germany

I liked the fact that there are so many wonderful things to...

26 August 2021

I liked the fact that there are so many wonderful things to see and enjoy within walking distance: early morning cafe's, wandering, churches, museums, markets, the Arno. Most of the exploring was done in the mornings, afternoons low key due to the heat and perk up in late afternoon and start roaming again.. Loved it! Next time I would avoid July and August... sooooo many tourists (of which I was one of course) are up and about by 10 am. Would like to explore in spring or fall.

Anika United States

Florence is a beautiful city that has history around every...

12 August 2021

Florence is a beautiful city that has history around every corner as well as great shopping and great food. Excellent base if you would like to visit other cities in Tuscany. We hired a taxi driver for a day and went to Luca, Pisa, beaches, sunflower fields. Highly recommend to hire a driver if you are not used to driving in Italy (very narrow streets and walking people on a road :) or do not know the area.. You can do more day trips from Firenze.. The best way to move around the city is walking as everything is within walking distance.


The biggest ticket attraction is David statue at Accedemia...

10 August 2021

The biggest ticket attraction is David statue at Accedemia and you should make reservations directly on the website ahead of time. Before booking I recommend a day trip to Siena, San Guigliamo and Pisa, and you might want to consider a day trip to Cinque Terre. By booking those first ahead of time you can then plan in your date for David. The Cathederal has a long line to get in, so go early or go to mass. There is a payment to go to the top of the dome, which is over 400 steps, so No we didn't go up there (Milan has a elevator to one level below the room of their cathederal). If this is your last location before returning to rome pleas remember to book ahead your covid testing at Pharmacy Number 9 or be at the train station around 6 am. Florence (all of Tuscany) was a good location for leather shopping, like purses and wallets. Siena has a horse race that lasts a few minutes twice a year, consider this if going to Siena from Florence.


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