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Italy's ancient capital is an architectural wonderland, with its many ruins depicting the stories of its vast empire which once spanned three continents. This open-air museum includes must-see monuments like the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum. This former gladiator arena is the city's centrepiece, and conjures up dramatic images of the games once held here through its huge underground complex and multi-tiered seating. It's also worth a visit to the impeccably preserved Pantheon, which further portrays the Eternal City's golden age.

With over 900 churches and many breathtaking basilicas among them, Rome is also home to the city-state of the Vatican, the seat of the Catholic Church. St. Peter's Basilica is undoubtedly the tourism hotspot, but many treasures such as Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and countless other masterpieces can be found inside the Vatican's captivating museums.

As with any city in Italy, the local cuisine varies from region to region. In Rome, the trademark dishes are 'cacio e pepe' – a simple but delicious pecorino cheese and pepper pasta recipe – and 'spaghetti carbonara'.

Other points of interest include the iconic Trevi Fountain, the Borghese Gallery, and the popular squares of Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna. When the weather is at its best between April and June, take a stroll through Villa Borghese park or hire a bike.


From £108 per night

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Most popular time to visit October–December
Cheapest time to visit January–March
Local currency € 10 = £8.67
Language Italian
Average weekend price £135 per night
Average weekday price £135 per night
Typical stay 2 nights

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The city seems to want tourists only for its need for money.

3 October 2023

The city seems to want tourists only for its need for money. While the attractions are interesting, I found the city taxes per night unreasonable, entrance prices to various places, including places of worship, trying to recoup money lost during Covid by bilking the tourists. Would not consider returning because of the lack of bang for the money spent. I would rather be charitable to my home or a poor country’s needs over Italian needs.

William Canada

We enjoyed walking to the cafes located everywhere around...

2 October 2023

We enjoyed walking to the cafes located everywhere around Rome. We felt perfectly safe, the people are nice and welcoming and almost everyone speaks English. If they don't just show them a address or point to a menu. We used Taxi's to travel.We did some tours and saw the main attractions like ancient Rome and the Vatican. I highly recommend the golf cart tours because there is a lot of walking and we are older. If you need a wheelchair this might not be the best destination. Stairs everywhere, no ramps. if you are older pay attention to the weather a lot of places are not air conditioned.

Ricky United States

Beautiful city full of art, architecture and history,...

2 October 2023

Beautiful city full of art, architecture and history, Terrific atmosphere and superb food. Perhaps a touch more expensive than most of Europe but can still be done on a budget. Good transport system at very reasonable price, watch out for taxi drivers, though!

David United Kingdom

Rome is beautiful place to explore to, it is rich in history...

1 October 2023

Rome is beautiful place to explore to, it is rich in history and there is so much to do and learn of ancient history. The Vatican is located there therefore its the centre of christianity. However, english language barriers will make the holiday challenging as most Italians in my experience doesn’t speak english and because of it, they are not friendly to tourist ready to ask for directions. Most of them will give you a good poker face in order to avoid you asking or even answering your question. The road or cobble pavement also a challenge as it is uneven , have to keep an eye on your way if you do not want to fracture your ankles. Train stations not friendly with luggage - no ramps and lift to make life of tourist easy! Otherwise, would have been perfect experience!!

Mitzi United Kingdom

I loved everything about Rome - its rich, preserved, beloved...

1 October 2023

I loved everything about Rome - its rich, preserved, beloved, 2000+ year old history; the art; the streets; the vegan food; the Italians - what isn't there to love? We are vegans, so we ate at Rifugio Romano, Il Margutta, Buddy's, and Origano - all of which were truly exceptional. We also ate at non-vegan restaurants that had very good options. We did tours of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill; did a golf cart tour of the city and an exceptional tour of the Vatican with Chiara Antonelli - we would have done more tours with her but she was fully booked. Do yourself a favour and do at least one tour with her - she is amazing and hilarious!!! We walked a lot and found it very difficult to get taxis unless it was early in the morning. But Rome is extremely full of tourists right now, so it is understandable. I truly loved Rome and being in Rome.

Sandra United States

Rome is a great place for people who like history, and just...

1 October 2023

Rome is a great place for people who like history, and just to realize the awesome architectural past of Rome. I should have stayed there for days to see everything in detail but was limited on time. Many popular places are too crowded which is the only complaint. You may want to pick an off-peak time if you really want to immerse in the Rome experience. Sistine chapel had no place to even stand and admire the artwork.

Johnson United States

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