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Japan's capital is one of the world's most incredible megacities, with over 13 million residents and a variety of diverse districts. Tokyo's mix of old-world charm and cutting-edge innovation means it has something for everyone.

There's no better place to start experiencing Tokyo's traditions and culture than the ancient temples of Asakusa, the Meiji Shrine (in Harajuku), and Chiyoda's Imperial Palace. An enormous amount of seafood—close to 2,000 tons daily—is traded at the Tsukiji Market, which is also a great place to enjoy a sushi breakfast, before shopping for fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

The city is also home to some great museums like Tokyo's National Museum, which houses a large collection of Japanese art, samurai swords, and colorful kimonos. Film-lovers shouldn't miss the Ghibli Museum, showacsing the work of world-renowned animator Miyazaki Hayao. This space features original sketches, a rooftop garden, and life-size recreations of film sets.

For the best views over the city, take a trip up to the Tokyo Skytree – one of the tallest buildings in the world. The observation deck offers 360-degree views, plus there's a shopping mall and restaurant on other floors below. Then catch a sumo wrestling match in Ryōgoku or visit the rides and attractions at Tokyo Disneyland. Narita Airport is Tokyo's main airport, located 43 miles northeast of the city. The quickest way to travel between them is the Skyliner electric railroad, which takes less than 45 minutes. Some international flights operate from Haneda Airport, though most are domestic.


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Most popular time to visit October-December
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency ¥1,000 = $7.69
Language Japanese
Average weekend price $5 per night
Average weekday price $5 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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My first proper solo trip and I fell in love with the city.

January 29, 2023

My first proper solo trip and I fell in love with the city. The cleanliness, the food, the convenience, affordability, everything was just lush. My itinerary was well-planned and I was not disappointed. Definitely plan to sooner rather than later.

mickiela Taiwan

I really love Tokyo.

January 27, 2023

I really love Tokyo. Food, shopping, culture. Its such a unique asian city. What is exciting are the fun places you can go to as an adult. Like the teamlabs, art acquarium museum , the Starbucks roastery, the Harry potter cafe. Unique things that you cannot find anywhere in the wourld

ann5721 Philippines

Attractive city, need as least a week to explore, Food is...

January 25, 2023

Attractive city, need as least a week to explore, Food is cheap at small food outlets, Dont try the Chinese TimSum in "Blue Lily steak house" in Ginza, Horrible and expensive !!! paid high price for in geniune foods . Itokya stationery shop with 8 floors was very expensive but with very very nice wrapping paper, I bought a box of 12 color pencils, 12 x 4B pencils and a small little toy cost me AUD$92 !!!! Check out the price prior going to the cashier !!!

Aussie Australia

Tokyo has so many faces which makes it a very interesting...

January 23, 2023

Tokyo has so many faces which makes it a very interesting and dynamic destination. You will never run out of things to see or do in Tokyo, It is a huuuuuge city. Especially when it comes to food, there is no bad meal to be had in Tokyo, or even Japan for that matter. It is definitely a foodies destination. We stayed in Ueno area right next to Ueno station and we chose this for it's strategic location. Both airports have a direct line to Ueno and from there the bullet trains leave to several other parts of Japan. Our hotel was the Landabout hotel which was right in front of a station with direct lines to Shinjuku/Harajuku/Shibuya, Akihabara, Tokyo Central and Ginza. totally convenient. Our favourite areas to explore were Shinjuku/Harajuku and Shibuya. There are great restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and karaoke venues there. One challenge about Japan is the lack of English spoken there by pretty much anyone. If you've seen the movie Lost in Translation you'll understand it a bit more. The maze of public transportation can also be a challenge to understand and decode but it is very convenient and well planned otherwise

Vincent Netherlands

Using the Metro system is the best way to get around.

January 22, 2023

Using the Metro system is the best way to get around. Our location in Asakusa was convenient to get to all locations around the city, and great if we didn't feel like going too far. So many options for food, shopping and culture around Asakusa. We had 2 kids (8 & 10) and found it easy for please both adults and children.

Tanya Australia

Locals have become extremely helpful to foreigners.

January 21, 2023

Locals have become extremely helpful to foreigners. Yet, it is much better if one has some local or a person who live here to show you hints where to stay or eat ( where locals eat) , how to ride the train and make connections ( and not what is recommended in the travel books).

Tsuyuko Germany

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