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Marrakech, the capital of Morocco, occupies a tiny corner of the second-largest continent. Despite its small size, the Red City packs a heady punch of colour, flavour and history – a feast for every sense.

At one time, Marrakech was the centre of trade for sub-Saharan Africa. Artisans still sell their wares in the Medina, a labyrinthine neighbourhood of alleyways and marketplaces. In Djemaa El Fna square, you'll find local entertainers and storytellers showing off their skills as people bargain for handwoven rugs, try on babouches and test out argan oil-based cosmetics.

A famous Marrakech sight is stalls piled high with spices like cumin, ginger and tumeric – bright flavours that make Moroccan cuisine pop. Sit down at a local restaurant for a taste of couscous or tagine – a type of slow-cooked stew – and a cup of mint tea.

With its palaces and mosques, Marrakech feels like an open-air museum. At Bahia Palace, you'll see intricate plasterwork and zouak ceilings. The Saadian Tombs – a burial place for sultans – features impressive archways and honeycomb muqarnas. Majorelle Garden provides a dose of calm with its tranquil courtyards and striking villa.

The beauty of Marrakech isn't just limited to what lies within its walls. Head a few hours outside the city, and you'll be in the Atlas Mountains, home to Berber villages and incredible natural sights like Ouzoud Falls. Elsewhere, you'll encounter sand as far as the eye can see. Camels provide a popular means of transport for navigating Morocco's barer landscapes.


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Local currency € 1 = $1.09
Language Arabic
Average weekend price $133 per night
Average weekday price $132 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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It's the most touristic town in Morocco but you can...

November 30, 2023

It's the most touristic town in Morocco but you can still find some authenticity if you move away from the main square. The Medina is one of those authentic places. You can find many places where to have some typical food, moroccan and berber. I've been eating every meal in a different place and I appreciated all of them. The surroundings of Marrakech are very interesting too: I would reccomend a trip to the Atlas Mountains and take time to wonder around these old villages and interact with locals.

Alessandra Italy

Such a beautiful city with so much to see and explore,...

November 29, 2023

Such a beautiful city with so much to see and explore, besides the constant calling to go into shops and buy things, everything else was awesome. Would definitely recommend to visit there at least once.


My visit to Marrakech was nothing short of enchanting.

November 27, 2023

My visit to Marrakech was nothing short of enchanting. The vibrant colours of the bustling souks, the mesmerising aromas of spices in the air, and the intricate beauty of the historic medina left an indelible mark on my senses. The architectural wonders of the Bahia Palace and the tranquil Jardin Majorelle were captivating, providing a glimpse into the city's rich cultural tapestry. The warm hospitality of the locals, coupled with the culinary delights of Moroccan cuisine, added to the overall immersive experience. Marrakech is a treasure trove of culture, art, and history, and I left with memories that will linger in my heart.

John United Kingdom

Marrakech is busy!

November 27, 2023

Marrakech is busy!! The Medina is one big marketplace where you can buy everything, but remember to always negotiate the price! The people are nice and friendly. We felt safe there, walking on the streets on our own (two ladies). The traffic is hectic: three lines with four cars, five motorcycles, and three bicycles are the norm. Crossing the roads is like a survival mission. The palaces are beautiful; there are amazing mosaics and art everywhere on one side, and the old building with collapsed walls on the other side. The weather in November was great so it could be a great catching sun destination during the European winter.

MAlgorzata United Kingdom

Marrakech is an amazing place to visit.

November 26, 2023

Marrakech is an amazing place to visit. People are friendly and welcoming. We loved the busy markets, the buzz of the medina, crowd, bargaining, historical places, wonderful food, colours, aroma, spices etc.. People will approach you with so many offers in the Medina. You must learn to say a firm ‘No’ for what you don’t want, and you must be good at bargaining..!! Everyone expects tip for anything they do.. and some would ask for it. Be ready to pay at least 10% tip for everything. It is a vibrant city. Also, Agafay desert is only an hour drive away with so many desert camping options and camel safaris, quad biking etc. Marrakech also offers water parks and stays for families with kids. All together, it is an amazing place to visit.

Sanoop Ireland

I knew I had to visit the capital.

November 23, 2023

I knew I had to visit the capital. Marrakech did not feel like a holiday but an adventure. There is lots to see and do. I think I timed my stay perfectly 3 days and nights and then on to Essaouira. There are a lot of very pushy salespeople in Marrakech and it just made it quite annoying as a tourist when I just wanted to walk around and enjoy. But it’s definitely worth a visit.


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