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Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is one of its most enchanting cities. Walk through any one of its cobblestone streets and there's a good chance you'll come across some traditional fado music or pastelarias serving fresh pastéis de nata (custard tarts). The old-fashioned tram 28 is one of the last of its kind still operating in the city, and provides a unique way to the popular districts of Graça, Alfama, Baixa and Estrela.

The central district of Bairro Alto is a great place to try out some of the local cuisine the capital is famous for. Try some bacalhau à Brás (shredded cod with onions, eggs and potatoes) or cozido à portuguesa (a typical stew).

To take in a blend of history and panoramic sights, pay a visit to the ancient castle of São Jorge and the Santa Justa Lift. Lisbon is also home to Ponte Vasco da Gama – the longest bridge in Europe – and the sister bridge of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, Ponte 25 de Abril.

Lisbon is renowned for its surfing spots like Carcavelos and Costa da Caparica, with many offering long sandy beaches.


From £68 per night

This weekend

From £137 per night

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From £137 per night

Most popular time to visit October–December
Cheapest time to visit January–March
Local currency € 10 = £8.59
Language Portuguese
Average weekend price £113 per night
Average weekday price £116 per night
Typical stay 2 nights

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Destination inspiration: Lisbon, Portugal

Experience laidback living and delicious local cuisine in ‘The City of Seven Hills’.

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Where to stay near Lisbon’s Belém Tower

4 apartments within walking distance of Lisbon’s 16th-century guard tower.

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7 modern apartments in Lisbon’s stylish Baixa district.

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We could have stayed longer!

8 June 2023

We could have stayed longer! We stayed 3 nights, but could have stayed for 5-7 nights to explore further out of Lisbon city. Definitely do the red tramcar ride, not the yellow as these had long queues and were crowded. The red tram takes you all over to see the full city, which in parts is very hilly. Note though once you are on, you can’t get off for the full trip (@90 minutes). A great experience. Eat their local seafood and drink their local beer and white wine. The people are very friendly and helpful, we felt totally safe.

Kellie Australia

Ahh, Lisboa!

7 June 2023

Ahh, Lisboa! So many things to do and so many kind people to meet. We think the best place to lunch is at the Museu Gulbenkian and then a walk through the gorgeous gardens there afterwards is a must. Check out the Cultural Agenda website of the city to learn about local events like the Lisbon Book Fair and concerts. There are many boutique shops with unique products like jewelry and art down streets that are not in the center of the historic district. It is great to walk around without any plans. We also recommend that you look up dinner experiences and cooking classes, as interactive ways to add to your visit.

Leah United States

You can stay one week, two weeks, three weeks.

7 June 2023

You can stay one week, two weeks, three weeks. You have so much wonderful things to see and experience. The various guided tours (which is not expensive and worth every penny of it) will definitely be the highlight of your next trip !


Take into account that Lisbon is walkable, but a hilly city,...

6 June 2023

Take into account that Lisbon is walkable, but a hilly city, up and down all the time. Be prepared to walk up or down, or take a tuk-tuk, an electric/cable car, an elevator in the middle of downtown, etc. The food is incredible and it varies from high prices to much more affordable ones. Incredible views from the highest points in the city. The people are welcoming and helpful.

Aristofanes United States

In summary, Lisbon is a captivating destination that checks...

5 June 2023

In summary, Lisbon is a captivating destination that checks all the boxes for a short trip and more. Its rich history, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and stunning scenery make it an unforgettable experience. Don't hesitate to visit this enchanting city that effortlessly blends tradition and modernity.

Mahyar A
Mahyar A Sweden

Lots of history, great sites and historical things to see.

5 June 2023

Lots of history, great sites and historical things to see. Very friendly people and excellent food at reasonable prices. Very good public transportation system. Prepare for a lot of up and down walking but it was interesting and actually very good for our health.

Stephen United States

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